DigiTech RP1000

DigiTech RP1000

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RP1000, Multi-Effects for Electric Guitar from DigiTech in the RP series.

8 user reviews
Prices starting at $328 Average price: $328

DigiTech RP1000 tech. sheet

  • Manufacturer: DigiTech
  • Model: RP1000
  • Series: RP
  • Category: Multi-Effects for Electric Guitar
  • Added in our database on: 11/03/2008

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Amazon DigiTech RP1000 Integrated-Effects Switching System $328

DigiTech RP1000 user reviews

Average Score:4.5( 4.5/5 based on 8 reviews )
 5 reviews63 %
 1 user review13 %
 2 reviews25 %
Value For Money :

Sat'Ryani's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Bought on advice retourn 15 days after!"

DigiTech RP1000
You can do anything with this pedal, nothing wrong ... but it lacks the essential: SOUND !!!


Configuration archi single compar other pdaliers, edition very easy!
Manual in English now, download the site for the Frenchman!


I used it with an Ibanez SAS32 FM / DRS live mixer two Fostex PM2 MKII.
The clean sounds are very good, the correct effect without being transcendent, for against for distos, did not at all !!!


I test 15 days, I have come full circle ... I basically tried all pdaliers that exist, each with its peculiarity ... I would prfr RP1000 for its simplicity of use and the sound rendering, but beware, has never replace the sensation of a tube amp, whatever people say ...
Qualitprix the report is correct, it all depends what you want to do ... for me, it is returned from where he came, I replace it for an amp 5w lamps ...
I do not do it again this choice for my personal use!

GtrYann's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

DigiTech RP1000
Side config, everything has been said almost, I would just complete connectivity, just missing what the looper drive (an external controller is optional ...... ..) I do not use but 1 point less !


Very simple in use,
Very intuitive for 90% of the programming (you can correct its presets in no time {preset volume, blend effects and effect settings)

For the remaining 10%, I would say it is a small negative points of the craft, it requires a computer, some are accessible without PC but to find how ... so 1 point less .

Another negative points:
Method 4 cables required to use the full potential of the machine
the driver works but the editing program does not recognize the device from time to time (random access panel config to fix your win ca ...), loss of time to configure your PC to predict
when it finally works of visual editing program is a bit "cold" and not super functional (but you get a design that you want as a preset I assure you), backups work but again lack fluency in practice (move your preset become a little heckle torture ...) so a 2 points less for it


The effects are set apart except for a few high quality
Personally I think the Fuzz are not top, indeed ca fuzz but it does not color the sound (I love fuzz I mounted a few ... silicon and germanium fuzz face, tone bender, big muff, fuzz factory ..)
For the time I would love an extra setting on the echoplex a sort of WOW / miniDIST to smear the sound a bit, I would love an option to keep the echo at a preset change ... .

good heuresement you have an effects loop (for the time, for example) and nothing prevents to put a fuzz before RP ...

I utlise a telecaster, a stratocaster and 2 LP (P90 and Humbucker) in a modified JCM2000

for all that 2 points less


I use it for more than 3 years, what I aprecis most: the rate all in one metal box, sound, connectivity, ability to include your favorite effects bitch effects loop.

I have in the past used the Line 6 (cold and synthetic) a RP7 (trimmings too limited, not as supplied connectors). I dream actually a RP1000 with a small board for some sounds 12AX7 ... and fuzz better quality)

good value for money, I would try out a GT100 in this price range or in the upper range a fx axis

cricro18's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

DigiTech RP1000
Config and editing sounds very simple, clear manual
Very easy to use it is a treat, but it's best to use the software x-edict
for more visibility
and everything is programmed over to touch the settings
I love the fact that it is under the feet can have 5 pedals direct
(Comp, distortion pedal, modulation fx, delay, reverb)
And even below 5 switches to wander through the presets!
Friends guitarists there is nothing better believe me!
Nothing to say about the effects it's upscale and reverbs are beautiful
The loop 20 seconds is a bit short but you can do nice stuff with,
I use it often, but they would at digitech up to 60 seconds!
So soon purchase jamman
I use a lot of sounds and effects, and I have only 3 presets of 5
For 5 sounds (clean, light crunch, distortion 1, 2 distortion and distortion 3.
And then I juggle with 5 effects live!
What a joy to operate live compression, delay, a TS9 to boost a JCM 800 or a soldano for solo ...
In terms of style I play pure blues to albert king through the gary moore from hendrix,
to good metal and also on Blue Bossa well!
A very good versatility


sounds are very clean and clear, the guitar fit perfectly into the mix and the bass is always delicious.

This is done to plug into a PA or in monitor speakers or two
Because the connection is really behind full

-In the studio I use on monitor speakers M-Audio BX8 D2 and it suits me perfectly.
(The top value for money and power warranty).
The USB is used for recording because it also acts as a sound card
(In cubase sx3 for me and it was perfect)
In rehearsal, a transistor amp fender 1600 internship and I am always surprised by the sound quality! In-concert live on the sound, and it is a treat (especially if it is a high quality sound)
And I truly understand that there is no interest to carry my amp
(Well that's another debate)


I tried everything the boss GT100, Du Pod HD, Eleven Rack is great but with mandatory use Protools took my head the more I use cubase! cubase and then install ProTool on a bike good luck if you like galleys! therefore sold very quickly,
against by the sounds were interesting
I just kept a Vox Tonelab Le nobody had so far managed to dethrone!
and finished for me Guitars rig, tube amp and cold Vst another puff of CPU and generate a huge breath!


So you understand I'm satisfied, but ultimately nothing beats a good set of 4 or 5 and the pedals wampler TC in a good amp but ...

2050's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)"A very good choice!"

DigiTech RP1000
Everything has been said, Digitech offers a good string of cable used to Method 4 cables
2 ~ 60 centimeters (probably to put the pedals in the loop)
4 ~ 5m (for 4 cables)
(I have not measured: p)

Good otherwise level effects there is a choice, the exact number I do not remember, but there it takes
10 foot-switch, 5 that may have attributed to presets, or indeed in the same preset
An expression pedal
A looper .. etc ...


Should take 15 minutes to learn to use, and then it goes all alone!
And when I say learn how to use it, is that 2 three little detail, there is a very clear display and a screen (against the parameter marked in the table under the screen due to changes in particular in the "Chorus / Fx "are not the same at all depending on the effect selected, the screen is there to correct)

If this is not straightforward, Digitech has launched a software RP1000 and adapt to other products in this series (X-edit) makes use much easier!

Section expression, we talk enough, I discovered the software allows even more versatility, let me explain:
An effect that does not have the RP1000 is the boost! So to overcome a problem is, I copy a preset I create and increase its output level!
However, the "expression" can bound to each foot-switch and expression pedal a setting such as an increase in the volume of the amp simulation
Now I just example with foot-switch "Chorus / fx" passed the simulated amp volume from 60 to 75 (which therefore gives a boost!
I can also with a footswitch, past a Whammy Divebomb, has a one octave with the expression pedal while on foot concervant effect whawha which engages with pressure on the pedal for 3 preset function has the expression pedal!

Speaking Pedal whawha we just happily adjust the sensitivity (on the other hand must seek it in the manual: p) because during my first grip of the camera, she could not stop to engage disengage ..; suddenly drop in volume with the expression pedal ... short it was unusable
(I set the sensitivity to 25)

Creating preset is very easy, and we can shape vraiement sound as desired, provided to know the amp / effect simulated look good but it is also a fun aspect to Multi effect

We also record with Cubase little, but there are adjustments to make, I spend 2 nights a look ... but requires good recording software

Once connected to the computer, the sound is in the multiplayer, and you can have the headphone both his guitar, and the times that the computer (and music which are played by above ;)) It would not but it is very convenient, especially for me who must limit noise and still wants to play at midnight: p

The looper 20 seconds is really good, but TOO SHORT! (But when you can save on cubase, it is no longer a problem :))


Aaaah sound! it is the first thing that interests us!
So I immediately said, I have very rarely play on a lamp amps, much less have to push this kind of gear
I said right away because have often speaks of "the heat" (aaaah terrible debate) I have not had the opportunity to hear, but I think people like me there many, becaufe not a super every wallet in the hands to afford machines dreams

So yes, the sound is cold ...... the first try, because I have not put much! After just adjust the bass, which still adds warmth and comfort to her, you push a little, adjusted the factory presets, they exchange our taste, and there can not be disappointed!

(The factory presets, they are more or less good, but are there to be taken and to amend or to present its)

I play a lot of headphones, not practical to adjust the sound according to what we would like to hear a speaker, but the sound is not disgusting, it depends on the headphone, settings etc ... (I'm not a Boulet with Equalz yet, but I'm happy: p)

Level models .... I can not help you, I do not have great knowledge in gear, so I can not tell you if it is similar or not, some say yes (those who want to defend their gear), other say no ( purists) then decide where?? Well someone has rightly said in a forum "if we could get exactly the sound of legendary amps has more than 1000 toy balls in a ball that has 300 to know! Was not on its exact amps and effects, but enough to change the situation "(quote not exact but hey ..) this is what I am Cliff versatility!
Oh, and I was playing tender surrender the headphone with Steve Vai Legacy of a simulation prepared by my care, and the sound was really good, but true-ing very closely (yes the headphone, modeling, one amp great guitarist, I'll get slaughtered by some, but I swear!)

The reactivity of the lamps (non-existent) is the JCM800 simulation (for example) can go into clean by lowering the volume knob on the guitar, and conversely, a clean sound that crunch when you attack the strings hard, very fine ! It was a pleasant surprise for me is first and foremost a big fan of Jimmy Page, who played a lot with it! : D

the acoustic simulation ... she gave me a little disappointed, also the simulation of low origin, I had to have a tamper to my taste

Another negative point, but maybe this is my ignorance, rather than an error in the RP1000, all the presets (or almost) is a noise gate enclancher and IMPOSSIBLE to hold long notes without it either after 2 / 3 second considered a parasite .... but hey, we turn the NG and cons it rolls by strong feedback when (in a room 8m ² at the same time ...)


Honestly not disappointed, I was afraid of bad surprise my first approach, but once it's published his happiness! There are too many choices, and I've created the sound that I like, and I do not see what else create, but it's one week that I have and I spend my free time on it (my homework ? KEZAKO?) I play a lot, I discovered her, I experimented ... really great! I was afraid to throw in the 350 € cash through the windows, well I do not even think about the money that has happened!
It is plug and play as a multi purpose, and frankly it did nothing disappointing, I did not expect a better course there are disappointments (and writing that I can not see anything too) but also very good surprises!
If you are interested, dark! ;)

Sorry for my spelling and syntax errors: S

DigiTech RP1000 news

DigiTech RP1000

DigiTech RP1000

Published on 04/28/09
DigiTech celebrates its 25th anniversary by introducing the RP1000, which they present as "the first multi-effects processor with an integrated effects switching system."

[NAMM] 5 New DigiTech RP Pedals

Published on 01/15/09

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