DigiTech Guitar multi-effects DigiTech Multi-Effects for Electric Guitar
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DigiTech Multi-Effects for Electric Guitar user reviews

  • DigiTech RP100

    DigiTech RP100 - "A Nice Value For the Money"


    Considering this unit has a little built in drum machine, for the low price (available used for $20-$50), its a great value. Nothing like playing along to drum tracks to improve your playing and improvisation. As a multi effects unit, it has alot of …

  • DigiTech GSP2101 Artist

    DigiTech GSP2101 Artist - Lle-ibazar's review


    See specs. UTILIZATION It's really easy to use, you have direct access to the parameter groups via the buttons and you can edit the parameters with the wheel and cursor, it also has customizable memory presets. Regarding the manual: I haven't ha…

  • DigiTech Genesis 3

    DigiTech Genesis 3 - "Outdated, But Kinda Cool"


    The Digitech Genesis is a guitar multi-effect unit well suited for a desktop or studio enviroment. It is chock full of all kinds of effects, amp and speaker models and just all kinds of goodness. I bought mine online for 99$, though you can probably …

  • DigiTech RP500

    DigiTech RP500 - "Many great options!!"


    Bought new in 2008, wanted it as an effect board for my tube amp. I looked at a few other boards such as the Vox tonelab, Line6 X3, and the Boss GT10. I chose this because it had the option to run it as a standard amp/pedal modeler but also with a p…

  • DigiTech RP250

    DigiTech RP250 - "Decent Unit"


    This is a multieffects unit with limited amp modeling capabilities. It has a myriad of effects, everything from your typical delays/reverbs, to a rotary and other crazy effects. Editing the patches manually is really straight forward. There is als…

  • DigiTech XP100 Whammy Wah

    DigiTech XP100 Whammy Wah - moosers's review


    The DigiTech XP100 Whammy Wah is a unique guitar effects pedal, combining two effects that require an expression foot pedal. I don't believe that there are any other combination whammy/wah pedals out there, or at least none that I have seen. The XP…

  • DigiTech XP300 Space Station

    DigiTech XP300 Space Station - "Interesting."


    The Digitech space station is a digital floor pedal with a wide variety of effects. It requires AC power unlike the more common DC, it has one 1/4" input, two 1/4" outputs, a volume trim knob, two foot switches (bypass and bank), and one expression t…

  • DigiTech RP90

    DigiTech RP90 - "Decent Multi FX"


    This pedal has Pickup Modeling/Wah, Compression, Amp Modeling/Distortion, EQ, A Noise Gate, Chorus, Flange, Phaser, A Harmonizer, A Digitech Whammy, Delay, Reverb, and more. It uses digital technology to model amps and pedals. It has an input, an ou…

  • DigiTech RP350

    DigiTech RP350 - "DigiTech RP350"


    The DigiTech RP350, powered by the new AudioDNA2 super chip, delivers incredible tone and a mountain of processing power, including Lexicon Reverbs and stomp boxes based on the TS808, Big Muff Pi, Rat and DOD 250. This resource is a review summary of…

  • DigiTech RP350

    DigiTech RP350 - "DigiTech RP350"


    Intuitive operation - pick one of 30 settings from the Tone Library; add your choice from 30 Effect Library combinations. 27 Amp/Preamp/Acoustic models with A/B switching . Modern rectifiers and boutique amps 70 Factory/70 User presets. Power supply…