DigiTech RP1000
DigiTech RP1000

RP1000, Multi-Effects for Electric Guitar from DigiTech in the RP series.

GtrYann 05/09/2014

DigiTech RP1000 : GtrYann's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
Side config, everything has been said almost, I would just complete connectivity, just missing what the looper drive (an external controller is optional ...... ..) I do not use but 1 point less !


Very simple in use,
Very intuitive for 90% of the programming (you can correct its presets in no time {preset volume, blend effects and effect settings)

For the remaining 10%, I would say it is a small negative points of the craft, it requires a computer, some are accessible without PC but to find how ... so 1 point less .

Another negative points:
Method 4 cables required to use the full potential of the machine
the driver works but the editing program does not recognize the device from time to time (random access panel config to fix your win ca ...), loss of time to configure your PC to predict
when it finally works of visual editing program is a bit "cold" and not super functional (but you get a design that you want as a preset I assure you), backups work but again lack fluency in practice (move your preset become a little heckle torture ...) so a 2 points less for it


The effects are set apart except for a few high quality
Personally I think the Fuzz are not top, indeed ca fuzz but it does not color the sound (I love fuzz I mounted a few ... silicon and germanium fuzz face, tone bender, big muff, fuzz factory ..)
For the time I would love an extra setting on the echoplex a sort of WOW / miniDIST to smear the sound a bit, I would love an option to keep the echo at a preset change ... .

good heuresement you have an effects loop (for the time, for example) and nothing prevents to put a fuzz before RP ...

I utlise a telecaster, a stratocaster and 2 LP (P90 and Humbucker) in a modified JCM2000

for all that 2 points less


I use it for more than 3 years, what I aprecis most: the rate all in one metal box, sound, connectivity, ability to include your favorite effects bitch effects loop.

I have in the past used the Line 6 (cold and synthetic) a RP7 (trimmings too limited, not as supplied connectors). I dream actually a RP1000 with a small board for some sounds 12AX7 ... and fuzz better quality)

good value for money, I would try out a GT100 in this price range or in the upper range a fx axis