DigiTech RP1000
DigiTech RP1000

RP1000, Multi-Effects for Electric Guitar from DigiTech in the RP series.

cricro18 03/09/2013

DigiTech RP1000 : cricro18's user review


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Config and editing sounds very simple, clear manual
Very easy to use it is a treat, but it's best to use the software x-edict
for more visibility
and everything is programmed over to touch the settings
I love the fact that it is under the feet can have 5 pedals direct
(Comp, distortion pedal, modulation fx, delay, reverb)
And even below 5 switches to wander through the presets!
Friends guitarists there is nothing better believe me!
Nothing to say about the effects it's upscale and reverbs are beautiful
The loop 20 seconds is a bit short but you can do nice stuff with,
I use it often, but they would at digitech up to 60 seconds!
So soon purchase jamman
I use a lot of sounds and effects, and I have only 3 presets of 5
For 5 sounds (clean, light crunch, distortion 1, 2 distortion and distortion 3.
And then I juggle with 5 effects live!
What a joy to operate live compression, delay, a TS9 to boost a JCM 800 or a soldano for solo ...
In terms of style I play pure blues to albert king through the gary moore from hendrix,
to good metal and also on Blue Bossa well!
A very good versatility


sounds are very clean and clear, the guitar fit perfectly into the mix and the bass is always delicious.

This is done to plug into a PA or in monitor speakers or two
Because the connection is really behind full

-In the studio I use on monitor speakers M-Audio BX8 D2 and it suits me perfectly.
(The top value for money and power warranty).
The USB is used for recording because it also acts as a sound card
(In cubase sx3 for me and it was perfect)
In rehearsal, a transistor amp fender 1600 internship and I am always surprised by the sound quality! In-concert live on the sound, and it is a treat (especially if it is a high quality sound)
And I truly understand that there is no interest to carry my amp
(Well that's another debate)


I tried everything the boss GT100, Du Pod HD, Eleven Rack is great but with mandatory use Protools took my head the more I use cubase! cubase and then install ProTool on a bike good luck if you like galleys! therefore sold very quickly,
against by the sounds were interesting
I just kept a Vox Tonelab Le nobody had so far managed to dethrone!
and finished for me Guitars rig, tube amp and cold Vst another puff of CPU and generate a huge breath!


So you understand I'm satisfied, but ultimately nothing beats a good set of 4 or 5 and the pedals wampler TC in a good amp but ...