DigiTech RP360
DigiTech RP360

RP360, Multi-Effects for Electric Guitar from DigiTech in the RP series.

Prix public : $224 VAT
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Aleskino 10/22/2014

DigiTech RP360 : Aleskino's user review

«  Compact and complete for practice at home »

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An all digital effects, compact embeds the essential tools to practice at home ...

Amp models / simulations of speakers (detachable)
82 effects: there is a choice! Full range of Tube Screamers, Boss pedals, Big Muff etc. Also Compressions, EQ, and Noise Gate. Not to mention the modulations, delays and reverbs

- 198 presets: 99 factory, 99 user
- Looper up to 40 seconds
- 60 drum grooves
- Tuner

- Streaming audio: 2 x USB 2
- Input for expression pedal or footswitch 3 button
- 2 outputs (L / R) 6.3mm
- Headphone output on stereo mini jack 3.5mm
- Auxiliary Input on 3.5mm stereo mini

The presets are editable via downloadable software on the site Digitech (Nexus available for Windows and IOs)


Easy grip at first: one branch, is clicked everywhere and it works ... The interface is fairly intuitive, the screen display particularly well thought out. In short, a good place for ergonomics and simplicity of the craft.

Then you have to really take the time to read the manual and play with the settings to enjoy.

The editing software is fun: you can really have fun, learn and test. Practice: a "Sound Check" function allows you to change looper loop sequence and edit live effects applied. on the other hand, there is no possibility to reorder the presets ... it's ugly and it requires a lot of manipulation to place 5 or 6 sounds I use all the time on the list.

Different modes: Stompbox (single pedal type), Preset, Bank. I find that with three footswitches, it does well in home / studio. For use on stage, the pedal 3 switches (not included) seems essential.

The tuner and looper minimum (40 seconds) but practice, ditto for the rhythms do not plan to do wonders with, but can be used in the spirit of the Swiss Army knife!


I find it hard to comment on the quality of the effects. As usual reverbs and delays are rather nice digital, for lack of roundness against it in overdrive and distortion.

the factory presets are caricatures, some are downright otherworldly. The first thing to do is simplify it ... and it works: I find myself to enjoy myself with!

Bad point against for by Digitech which does not offer sharing community online preset ... or a rotten thing where nobody puts feet or ears. Ben then Digitech? Should follow the example of the Fender Fuse community!

I use it with an amp, more rarely headphone (good sound quality - but very high ... watch out eardrums)


Consider it as a great multi-tool handy at home: it is a gift at this price.
I use it for 6 months, and I probably would keep a long time for his universal and practical. To go from Clapton to AC / DC kick, work pace, do an improvisation on a backingtrack it's obvious no brainer.

what I love most: ergonomics, easy editing sounds.
What I like least: the lack of presets to share online, and the headphones incorrectly calibrated.