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Baldrn 04/14/2005

DigiTech RP200 : Baldrn's user review


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View of Bourretapipe résumé, but I will point out the presence of the effect YA YA, and Whammy (Self digitech)


Overall and for me the grip was easy and fast (the rp 200 as my 2nd aquisition after my electric guitar), the system of three potas and Editing presets is simple .dropoff window
I u lucky to have the manual in French, which was a great help to me for rglage the Gate notemment.
I note a plus for the pedal of my expession who got was of good quality, and can be assigned to volume, wah, YAYA, Whammy, or the presence of the effect used the preset.
As against the o I'm from, it's at the ergonomics of the device: the 2 switches are too rapprochs, form does not facilitate use with shoes (in addition I put skate shoe: p) and the proximity of the expression pedal does not help everything, puts dj arrives bypass instead mount a preset (c okay but by repeating crain on stage was a bit more). This last point parraitre little unimportant, but me it myself restraint my way of playing when I use it because it tjrs have to be careful where I put my face lol feet and motivates me to change the multi.


At the amp modlisateur, it's not bad to be without transandantale I, unwanted mostly in the saturs Stack (down on a Marshall JCM900) Boutiq (down on a Matchless DC30) and Hotrod (down on a Mesa Boogie MarkIIC). In clean sound I'm more limited modlisation I use a VOX AC30topboost (-> CLEAN1). But I find QLQ mod. amp. dcevant as modeling a Mesa Dual Rectifier (-> Rectif) o fuzz that is uncontrollable and a very average sonority.
on the other hand exist in these models. amp. a appell Acoust which as its name evokes is a simulation of an acoustic guitar; the one is not bad more I use it with um micro SD alnico ProII in Neck and puts the property value.
In the main effects of the level, but if you find such a good chorus or flange on rp 200 n'tayera Manire Gnrale that the diversity of these effects. I also note the impossibility to more than one effect per preset but I out of context prsum goal of rp200 is a multi-purpose affordable guitar.
If not Manire Gnrale all sounds good, that's for sure that after a certain perriode use the factory presets to quickly avrent limits. So take your reconfiguration sounds important.
The presence of a compressor, noise gate, a delay (of good quality), or different type of wah; are more and finalizes a sound overall is of good quality.


That makes 2 years that I use, overall I'm pretty happy but one BMOL for ergnomie, I think it is a complete multi-effects for the range which it belongs and report quality interresant price.
I return to the problem of 2 switch, think of how you will use it all alone socks with headphones, or on stage with big boots and jumping around.