MGR/a guitarist who knows what he is talking about 06/30/2004

DigiTech RP200 : MGR/a guitarist who knows what he is talking about's user review

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I paid $150 at Guitar Center. I bought it basically because I could save money on this than buy a thousand pedals.

Well the main thing is that it has a LOAD of effects and effect possiblities. It has amp modulation and pickup modulation. And it also has a drum machine in it too.

Well first of all when I bought it i said wow this thing is really cool, but after a few weeks i started to notice it may be cool but it is not at ALL practical. First the major MAJOR problem is that you can't switch to a certain sound quickly. You first must go through all the effects that you need to before you reach that effect. NOT AT ALL FOR PERFORMING!!!!!!! Another thing is that although it may has 150 different presets of sounds you soon discover you don't need 95% of them. so basically i'd just buy the pedals as you need or like. I also discovered that the updated models big and small have basically the same system just with more possibilities.

If I were you i'd forget this thing and buy a pedal that you want to use the most.

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