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All user reviews for the Roland GP-16

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phaesis's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)" Excellent vintage multi-effects!"

Roland GP-16
Excellent for those who want something other than all conventional sounds for example!
Otherwise I do not use distos, overdrive that I find too dry so I use the modulations, delays, compressors, equalizers ... and it works great with a CF crank 100 MKII
plus it driver my amp H & K Trilogy because all midi so it allows one click to change sounds on the GP-16 and the amp! To be honest I have recently bought a second as a backup or rather to have a home available to search for sounds and one for all my travels for!


Comprehensive manual


except nickel distos



mnms63's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland GP-16
Multi-purpose 19 "rack including classical effects in two groups: compressor, overdrive / distortion, parametric EQ, filter, noise reduction, short delay, triple Stereo Delay, Chorus / Flanger / Pitch / spaced, phaser, auto-pan, lineout filter, reverb.
It is possible to change the order of effects in each group, which leaves huge possibités trimming. We can chain up to 12 simultaneous effects.

It's digital but the effects are really very good, especially modulation (chorus / delay that kill), I use a Rocktron woodu valve in parallel, the GP16 is less modern overruns but it is especially suited a directory rock / hard rock from the 70s/80s.

Level connections:
1 between the front and 1 rear (the front takes priority).
2 XLR balanced outputs,
2 X 2 output stereo jack 6.35: Exit possible to 2 amps (settings for each patch to the choice of output 1 or 2 or 2)
A proprietary jack for MIDI Foot Controller FC100 (mk2 in my case) on which two pedals are connected EV5 expression, one for the master volume and one for any parameter. Clarification, the pilot assembly also woodu valve via GP16 (Maping MIDI input and output), one pedal for it and one cable (power supply cable from the pedal).

Contrary to what I read, the pedal crank C is the GP16 in bypass or mute the choice, bypassing makes gp16 completely transparent.


Editing is very easy with the face buttons for me but I recovered the editing software on PC "GP16 Editor" and there is a breeze. It changes the settings on the computer with a click of the mouse and it's done live on the GP16 thereby find its way very fast (connect midi / usb with a cable to € 20).
So, I did not need the manual.
I found some sites on the Internet to users who provide tips for sound (some put their presets for download, in two clicks via midi is injected into the animal). I was able to make my warmest saturations. Again the order of effects is really important.


As previously stated, the effects are really very good, just an observation, the factory presets are often very characteristic, too effect kills the effect. They are a good starting point but need adaptation to the amp and guitar used.
I think this type of multi-effects like most of those I could try, is not meant to be used on a guitar amp, but rather on a power amp.
I use a Rocktron Velocity power amp 120 with two speakers Rocktron Velocity S112, it comes out in stereo and is super clean, whatever the guitar used, Godin Freeway SA, Yamaha SE211 and Vig Eruption (kit passive EMG)

I love the chorus / delay and overruns vintage typed Deep Purple, Led Zep, Gary Moore.


I have purchased one for about a month.
I had some pedals, like Vox Tonelab, Korg AX3000 ... I always Woodu valve and a Korg Pandora PX5D, I used them all in the loop of a Marshall JCM900 All Tube and it made no . Sounds rotten, so that was wonderful headphone.

Since I switched to the power amp, which does not color the sound of multi-effect is that of happiness.

I think I'll keep it until he was dead, I'm really not disappointed with my purchase, it is a multi-purpose efficient and simple to use and more is very robust.
A great value

doodb's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland GP-16
This is the ancestor of digital multi-effects. model 19 "rack

effects: compressor, overdrive / distortion, EQ semi parametric, filters, noise reduction, short delay, triple stereo delay, chorus / flanger / pitch / spaced (a kind of chorus), phaser, auto-pan, line filter, reverb

Unlike many of the effects can be produced strings in any order: a
possibility to chain up to 12 simultaneous effects

a front panel inputs and rear
2 balanced XLR outputs
Output in asymmetrical 2X2 jack 6.35: Output for amplifier A and B output amplifier, both are from stereos or 2X2

owner taken to MIDI controllers and fc100mk2 roland FC100

can operate with two expression pedals (one for any parameter, the other for the output volume must)

Maping possibility of MIDI input and output

Front Input volume

no digital output: -1
It was not designed for use in a loop: -1. However, in the loop of my mesa raodster it works great: 1
not true bypass: -1

overall rating 9


The edition is a pleasure!
the manual is not it little more clear and very detailed.
in ten minutes you can handle the beast without difficulties!
it is an old model and all the buttons knobs and dials work parfaitemet!

Nothing to say: 10


I have owned this multi between 1996 and 1999 and then I sold it.
since I had a g-major ... then yesterday (2008) for € 80 I bought from qqn on AF nostalgia.
I'm going home lighter, repot the doc and the hack beast, I plug in my patchmate (looper / switcher noon) and I begin to compare with the g-major and then in true bypass:
it compresses slightly compared to the g-major, it sounds no one (but really nothing and it to be severe) over the digital g-major, however false in true bypass (no effect, but multi Inrush) it is much more transparent than the g-major.
Finally, and this is the most important, the quality is amazing effects! such as chorus / flanger / spaced and delays.
finally he has not aged badly at all compared to products "all public" today.
I asked a verdict announced illico to relist my g-major (which is a good cross by the way)

I think, beyond the stories very subjective taste: for the price where you can find it used, it is much more interesting that many products "great service"

you must love the sound "80 years" because it is really mind ... I personally am rather very modern sound, but even why it is very interesting!

for me (in terms of price or I bought it: the price of a pedal boss) is the best value prices FUNCTIONALITIES time.
I put 10 more without even thinking


Small detail that parrait insignificant but has a huge importance:
it is very robust. I have my own mug yesterday occasion (in 2008) and everything works to perfection! not a single problem to report.
I am excited and already I can not part with it!

9 and 10 and 10 if we add the strength it's going to make 10 in total score!

Elfredo_sono's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland GP-16
2 entries Jack TS 6.35 (front & back) with adjustable gain
6 stereo outputs (including 2 XLR Jack)
Midi complete (can be edited via software)

Well-designed machine for the time

Compressor, overdrive / distortion, EQ semi parametric, filters, noise reduction, short delay, stereo delay, chorus, flanger, phaser, Space Chorus (!), Auto-pan, line filter, reverb.


Too simple ...


It depends on the source and output ...
I used it for guitars long. It sounds digital. This is a machine that takes us back in the 80 ... somewhere, happiness .....
The distos can be nice, but in the context remisent I advise all the same external pedals, issue of grain.
Big advantages through connectivity
The reverbs, delays, modulation effects, and filters are certain qualities that are still current.
Machine that blows faster if we increase the levels of output of each module.
The Line filter coupled with the semi parametric provides the ability to finesse a good equalizer.
Some presets gives laughter. : D


I use it for 10 years.
I'd buy 1000 francs. Rack first guitar. I use it almost for elsewhere, except with very specific sounds. I also sometimes used for voice (like chorus / filter / delay so the Floyd Roger Waters) as voice distortion, with an input 509.
I class in the "Swiss knife" or "it always helps out."
I do not never part! (Na!)

Well, if it really is to the guitar, there's something else much more versatile. It's a matter of taste.

setsukodo's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland GP-16
Very well thought out practical!


For lovers of the English pop noisy late 80's 90's beginners (Jesus & Mary Chain - Ride - My Bloody Valentine - Lush ...) coupled with a marshall lamps (JCM 800) + Pro Co Rat distortion pedals & United States or Electro Harmonix Big Muff + Fender Jaguar, Jazzmaster, Gibson Chet Atkins Tennessean, the must, you will thy! A condition to find the right rglages ... but it is a personal matter!
To avoid the overdrive and distortion for the rest excellent.


Excellent, except distortion & overdrive.


Excellent choice.

kaiser2333's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland GP-16
See other opinions


Manuel a little big, simple and clear operation of the tool. Good set not always easy to obtain.


The distortion is certainly a little below the rest but équalisée and subtly associated with the compression, it may give surprising results of heat.
For the rest, I never found a better classical effects (delay, chorus beautiful, filter, phaser, ..)
Pitch shifter a bit messy


I use the GP16 for 6 years and have never found a multiple effect of such a quality (reverbs, delays, equalo, chorus, phaser, comp, filter, ..). In + is hyper-resistant (more than 50 concerts, 6 years in wet, poor transport in a box with cables and not a fart through ..).
Recently tried it on a voice, he also made all its worth.
Settings are easy to understand but there are many subtleties to understand by changing the order of effects.

Basically, maybe a little out of his very personalized for (metal), but very versatile and excellent for the rest.

n;;'s review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland GP-16
Truly versatile multi-effect, we call it a little vintage, there are still namoins NEWS as yet used in many recording studios, its connectivity is really complte front and rear input and 4 output jack thru midi in and out (what more) balanced XLR outputs j'obliais so that I would max Assign ownership of the note


It is true that like all machines noon, there is still handling but with a good record in French trs Retailer's easy.


Well let honnte the distos is not his thing and existing well they can warm up a bit with The argument incorporated and unn old amp lamps for the remainder of happiness is that the delays, reverb, harmonizer, phaser flanger, wha wha (is not vox), in config I draw the rush of sound, (frewheel). I use it in an effects loop by using the line out of my amp or preamp output if you prefer.


I use it for 11 years now, cif studio concert, scne never sick. The era I had acht 8000F now it is around 200 euros or less, and believe me over. ..... being sold today I recommend it you will not deu.

Anonymous 's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland GP-16
All numrique!
rack, foot control by pdalier type 100 fc.
no speaker mulator.


Ergonomics and close to the correct GP8.


everything is digital and sounds numrique (hello distortion)!
there is more than a GP8 effects (including those who were desperately short, from the speaker emulator, tj also absent ...) but the sound of a GP8 is interresting, by far.
is the ancestor of the multi-effects guitar numriques ... and means!


Choosing not to do, or else to a mouth of bread, just to use chorus and delay live.