tjon901 08/06/2011

Ibanez RG7321 : tjon901's user review

« Good simple 7 string »

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This guitar pretty much started the 7 string trend. The RG7321 is all you need to play some 7 string riffery. The guitar is barebones simple but gets the job done great. This guitar is a stripped down 7 string that has been in the Ibanez line for many years now. It has slightly changed recently and this change has made it even better. The guitar has a basswood body like most Ibanez guiars. It has Ibanez's famous wizard neck so the neck is super thin and playable. The neck has a rosewood fretboard with 24 jumbo frets. It has dual Ibanez pickups. The upgraded part on this guitar is they recently changed the bridge. It has a Gibraltar style bridge now instead of the Fender style hardtail. This new bridge is much more comfortable than the old Fender style bridge. The onctrols are simple with a volume and tone for each pickup with a 5 way blade switch.


The super easy to play nature of this guitar helps downplay the fact that it is a 7 string. Because the guitar is so easy to play you hardly notice how wide the fretboard is. Ibanez Wizard necks are some of the thinnest guitar necks out there. They are well known for their playability. The body of the guitar has some deep cutaways so it is very easy to get to the upperfrets. The neck join is sculpted and rounded so it does not get in the way much when playing up there either. I prefer this guitar over Ibanez's other 7 string models because it is a hardtail. I always look for hardtail guitars over tremolo guitars. I would rather have the tuning stability and the ease of changing strings in my guitar.


The stock pickups in Ibanez guitars are usually very weak and this is no different. Going from a guitar with aftermarket pickups to this and you will think someone changed the settings on your amp. This pickups are dull and tired sounding. The pickups are usually the first thing you throw out when you get an Ibanez. A set of 7 string Dimarzios will really help you get the best out of your sound on this guitar. The stock pickups do not give it justice.


The RG7321 has been the best way to get into 7 string guitars for years. Its simple hardtail design means you have less to worry about and its super thin neck means you and jump right in and dont have to adjust for much. With a swap of pickups this guitar can be a real beast. It is really all you need when getting into 7 string guitars. It has the playablity and the simplicity that you want. If you are looking to get into 7 strings you can do a lot worse than getting one of these.