MGR/Brian_Rosser 09/01/2010

Ibanez RG7321 : MGR/Brian_Rosser's user review

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I had been playing Deathcore and dropped tuning hardcore with my band Storm the Shoreline on a 6 string Schecter c1+. Eventually The Ibanez RG 7321 Made its way to me. It is a fantastic 24 fret RG for shredders on a budget. The INF IBZ pickups could be better but they scream for the price. Its a typical black ibanez with a bound rosewood fretboard...not much to look at. I'm not a fan of inlays period so the dot inlays aren't all that appealing to me personally but the tone makes up for the appearance. Its string through basswood body sustains for days and has an incredible low end. Especially for a meager $399.00. It came with D'dario mediums on it and in my opinion, these are the best companion for the 7321. THE BEST 7 string on a budget. I would like to see these available with a tremolo.

I was given this guitar by Bill Vigil from Madison Amps and in Your Face entertainment. He was displeased that I tuned my six string so low isntead of investing in a 7 string so he made me take his.

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I love the tone, sustain, and versitility of the 7321. It is a solid instrument from ibanez with a very appealing price tag. It plays very well, but might need some adjustment to suit your playing style when you get it, but factory setup was satisfactory overall. The pickups are fantastic and finger dancing sweeps are a breeze on the prestige neck. The low end of this guitar is vicious! So if you are into breakdowns, get your hands on one of these bad boys.

This guitar has no serious flaws. Personally I'd like to see it in more finishes but black suits most people.

This guitar is built like a tank. Just invest in new strap locks when you get it. Mine fell facedown onto concrete at a practice. It was a bit out of tune but aside from that, survived without injury. A real quality instrument. It has a very tight and 'together' feel to it. It's very easy to adjust as well. Its a simple and reliable instrument.

Case in point, this is a fantastic instrument especially for the price. If mine breaks, I'll have it replaced within the week. You won't find a better 7 string within the 7321's price range. So what are you waiting for? Get one of these mamajammas

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