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  • Roland NE-10

    Roland NE-10 - " Yes ..."


    it looks very simply it is a big rectangle of 21 x 54 with above handy carpet for Velcro underneath was half full of rubber bubble, the plate is rather heavy ... I use on my KP65 (kick pad Yamaha) already a piece of the pedal exceeds would have requi…

  • Axis EKIT

    Axis EKIT - " Must trigger the bass drum!"


    I use them for a few months. I previously had T-drums, and pro DDrums redshot (a real shit these). What I like about these triggers is their operation, other brands could learn from this system. A small hammer is coupled to the drive of the bat the b…

  • Triggerhead TDRUM Mesh Head

    Triggerhead TDRUM Mesh Head - " Very well"


    I use since January 2014. I turned my first drumkit (Pearl Export Select 2002) electro acoustic to have a good alternative to my acoustic set to find rooms to play and especially to repeat without getting my entourage to back. Having started my…

  • Yamaha MS50DR

    Yamaha MS50DR - " Very good special kit Edrum"


    Used daily for 6 years to amplify a Yamaha DTX v2 midi in EZdrummer. Given the limited supply of these products, I just enjoyed a coupon to order this product via the net after simple consultation of the data sheet. I thought long and hard betwee…

  • Triggerhead TDRUM Mesh Head

    Triggerhead TDRUM Mesh Head - " Excellent skins silent."


    Identical to Muffle Head Pearl (at Baguetterie they sell one or the other depending on the stocks, so I copied this review), I use them for some years. Very nice game, rebound and hit very close to real skin, which really surprised me at first use!…

  • Pintech HHC RYC VisuLite Controller (RHC-100)

    Pintech HHC RYC VisuLite Controller (RHC-100) - karthen's review


    This little box allows you to transform a regular hi-hat stand from acoustic to electric * How long have you been using it? One month * Did you try many other models before getting this one? I had the opportunity to test various electronic brand…

  • Yamaha MS50DR

    Yamaha MS50DR - MickTaiwan's review


    I bought it yesterday and it is the first time that j'achte a PA system. It plugs into a DTXPLORER in a small pice. Is something that I do not understand. Why is the subwoofer does not reproduce the bass drum Respectfully. The sound is very seriou…

  • Roland TDW-20

    Roland TDW-20 - christophe.coste's review


    I installed the expansion card on my td 20 tdw20 there is less than 2 days. So I miss a lot of recoil. But just my first impressions: It seems to me that a better definition sound more punchy toms I feel there is a better sound reproduction. …

  • Yamaha MS50DR

    Yamaha MS50DR - pimbys's review


    I possde the MS50DR since January 2007 that I use a Roland TD3 KV. The sound is powerful, but the snare is not clear enough when I play with my friends (two guitars with a bass) it's better than the bass amp (30W) I replaced. I note the weight consqu…

  • Hart Dynamics DDRUM 4 Converter

    Hart Dynamics DDRUM 4 Converter - Anonyme's review


    Camera / adapter to connect both to the module DDRUM4SE (HHAt taken) on the other foot has a standard type HH + Roland FD8 a standard pad Roland Yamaha or otherwise. Allows the user module DDRUM4SE advantageously replace a pad HHAT DDRUM (absence bec…