Roland TD-30 Module
Roland TD-30 Module
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Average Score:5.0( 5/5 based on 4 reviews )
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Audience: Anyone Value For Money : Excellent
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StevieKeys's review"Great product! I saved tons on this module and I love it! "

Roland TD-30 Module
Hello! I purchased this Roland Module several months ago and I absolutely love it! Your site has great resources and helpful reviews. I just wanted to share the info with your readers. The Roland Sounds are great for recording and for setting up drum triggers. I purchased this module from They're like a cool new seller and buyer marketplace. I ended up only paying $699 for it from one of their seller. The sounds are incredible and I recommend this upgrade to any serious gigin or recording drummer. A+ for this module and for your site. Check out were I purchased it here: ;):bravo:" rel="ugc noopener" target="_blank">Roland Electronic Drums[/] or here <a href="">Roland Deals Buy or Sell here</a>;);):bravo:

dave-grohl's review"It's killer"

Roland TD-30 Module
I've been using it since August 2013.
I also tested the TD-20 module.

I use it with a Hart Dynamics Studio Master 6.4 kit.

What I prefer: The setting possibilities (element material, mic position, drumhead type, drum depth, size, dampers, effects, EQ, compression, room reverb, and I can't recall what else), the variety of recorded sounds, the connections, the highly sought-after USB port (to import and export settings, playback MP3s or use it as soundcard connected to a computer), the examples of pre-recorded settings. You can spend a whole day playing with it watching time fly by.
What I don't like about it, as everybody else, is the price. Other than that, the settings aren't intuitive and some people may need a sound engineering crash course to understand how it works. You can spend hours with it.

Value for money: Since there is simply no competitor, you could say it's all right, but I don't think it costs that much to manufacture it, though.

I wouldn't hesitate to buy it again. When you are used to an acoustic kit, you've played for quite some time and have reached a good level, it's the only acceptable model. And it does more than just replace an acoustic kit, the variety of sounds, type of percussion instruments and samples, etc., allows you to discover a whole different instrument and opens up huge possibilities.

The.Tick's review"Awesome ...... but expensive."

Roland TD-30 Module
I used to have a TD12 module, which was really good.
The TD30 replaces the TD12 and the TD20.
Classy black-and-blue look when on. Good connections when it comes to audio outputs: 8 output jacks + 1 SPDIF out (44 KhZ) + headphone out.
I use it with Roland pads, from the PD100 to the PD125XS for the snare. A CY5 hi-hat + a FD8 pedal.
The sound quality with the PD125X is incredible, compared to my previous module.
Despite not being even a VH11 or 12, the hi-hat has also improved in terms of precision.
On the other hand, the older pads (PD100) don't have the same precision as the most recent ones, even though they were indeed "rejuvenated.".
I also use the vExpression patches. I was able to convert those of the TD12 into TD20, which are compatible, with the TD30. Loading them with a USB key is a pleasure for me, since I was used to a MIDI cable.
You can connect the TD30 to a USB port to record drums with a DAW. I also noticed an improvement in the way the hi-hats are managed.
The biggest drawback is its price. But odds are the module will last pretty long. The TD12 served me 7 years and didn't devalue much in the secondhand market.
If you have the budget, go for it, it's a very good module. Otherwise, a secondhand TD12 or 20 will also do the job.

dtl's review"Yes, Sir!"

Roland TD-30 Module
The Roland TD30 module is simply amazing. It has everything, a good sound, a good response, nuances, it's a treat. You can make your own crazy kits (drums + digital percussion). And, especially, the joy of working with the sounds at will: Size of the drum, material, thickness, etc. I use it with a Karrace set (18" kick, 14" floor tom, 10"-12" toms and 14" snare) and it's a real delight to play with it. In short, for me, the TD30 is a winner!