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Average Score:4.2( 4.2/5 based on 8 reviews )
 2 reviews25 %
 3 reviews38 %
 1 user review13 %
Value For Money : Excellent
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samara's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Good pti Module"

Alesis D4
I use it for 1 year, but I had already had before. I was between a ddrum 4, nothing to do recess. If you just want a cheap module to trigger the bass drum is the one you need, or the most recent version (DM5) Dmpro or if you have a larger budget. Excellent value for money as it is for a pittance (like DM5) elsewhere.

jeremerej's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Great, but must love the 80ties"

Alesis D4
I used this rack that only beginning to recover noon signals from the sensors as I plugged it.
Easy to adjust, rackable. It was impeccable.

I began using the sounds for a new show and I'm looking for some kitschitude 80 in electronic drum sounds. And again, it makes the job very well! :)

Jxperience's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Top BAR sounds for 80 ""

Alesis D4
This is a box perfect pace to the seeker sounds like drums 80 ". The clear boxes flapping reverbres wish. Custom to rock, disco and heavy metal anne 80 c ' Perfect :)

sin's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" A classic expanders drumkit!"

Alesis D4
D4 is the Swiss Army knife of musician / composer / producer.
It has 21 programmable kits and 500 sounds (99 bass drums, 99 snares, 55 cymbals, 92 toms, 76 percussion and 80 effects!) Sampled at 48 kHz 16-bit. Most samples are stereo and many are already processed. Plus it has 12 trigger inputs for triggering sounds via pads, sensors, microphones or even tracks already saved settings. Of course it is equipped with MIDI and can convert MIDI triggers (for a BFD control with drumkit, for example). 4 audio outputs (1 + 2 stereo aux) 300Ω and a headphone output on the front panel to 150Ω (perfect for headphones pros driver high impedance).
What I like most is the number and quality of samples provided. Kicks and snares are huge! Toms as elsewhere ... You tell me that now it is much better than nothing, but it has a soft sound and that the grain which, once passed through a great preamp, sounds good tube 90s ;)
The construction and use are also remarkable (except perhaps the external power supply type "calculator"). It is part of the standard drumkit modules studio as well as the Roland R8-M.
Considering the coast used the price / quality ratio seems to me excellent.

kamder's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Alesis D4
I do not repeat see above!

Quiet the Cat


ALESIS D4: a module drum sound very nice, it has the color of its own, I got it for free because it was a problem, as I am a technician, I had a feast to open! : Good electronic damn good and strong, I increased the power output sound (ask me how I made it complicated to die!) I use a MIDI sequencer pc: a real treat well all i is refined parameters!

I would separate my death .......... or his!

rimfeel's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Alesis D4
I t user D4 for a few years when I was at the ball.
What I apporche AIM is the technical product even more, he parrassait easy to use.
Having said that, fortunately, I had a guitarist who knew for beginners to management but no VLOC grate the samples from the D4 n'tait not my door. In short, something much everything.
A must on this product, it is certainly the number of sample drumkit and even if it does not compete with the AT module DDRUM a quality point of view it does not remain a gn sound operator, although enjoyable ear.
Now, you also know that I was using the D4 with Yamaha pads gnration old (you know the pads with black edging green) and given the quality of these, I could not expect an r RESULT exceptional.
However, this has all changed when I came to trigger my bass drum and toms my because I had the potential because the sensors VLOC utiliss taient of DDRUM.
Voil j'espre have moved the schmilblick ...

If I had to redo the ball, I think I would do the same prs buy something, I would eventually grate all with a converter and a mac ...

bara's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Alesis D4
I used to dpart the expander as electronic drums with Magic Drum pads. C'tait crappy: no dynamics, just like "any substance". N'tant no drummer, has Dranga me too, finally.

And then one day I plugged my PC on, and rvlation: real dynamic possibilities to cut the game by sculpting the VLOC in short, great sound. So I keep the pads just to work a bit wrists, and I use the D4 expander.

D4 posssde color is he.
Too few sounds can be ...

Willty's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Alesis D4
Sampled drums, 16bit, 48kHz
16 voice polyphony
500 sounds:
- 99 Kicks
- 99 Snares
- Cymbals 55
- 92 Toms
- 76 Percussion Sounds
- 80 Effects
21 programmable drum sets

Entering to trigg 12 + 1 for hihat pedals
48kHz samplingfrequence
4 stereo outputs on 2 or 4 peers INDIVIDUAL OUTPUT
Velocity sensitivity Preview Button
Drum Sound Editing. Vary tuning, mix, and pan, and to distribute Drumsound to "groups" for special effects
Midi in / out
The front headphone jack

13 sensor inputs, 4 outputs, the D4 for pure joy! Can serve as a midi interface to control a sampler with 13 triggers! I even triggu drum tracks APRS record falling within the D4 track GC.
Is used in 150 euros (10/2003). There are 21 programs, modifiable will (be back when even!).
There is no effect

Configuration excellent! The edition is super easy, the manual is well done trs trs, a real rgale!
Works with any sensor (rglage gain)
Properly by cleaning a kick drum track I Russi trigguer the GC in the fall within the D4: fabulous!

I agree trs sounds good. Trs good in bass drum, toms, hi-hat, cymbals and a few little snare (weak). The VLOC is excellent. Coupled with a trigger for ddrum acoustic bass drum, a function of Thunder live in the studio.

I use it for one month and I'm in heaven! I love kicks and 13 inputs and 4 outputs, I like less snare (only interesting 3-4).
The report quality price is unbeatable (I cost a ddrum module 4, not bad but expensive trs) 150 euros OCCAZ '
I would do this choice with eyes closed!