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All user reviews for the Roland TD-12KV

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Average Score:4.3( 4.3/5 based on 12 reviews )
 8 reviews67 %
 2 reviews17 %
 1 user review8 %
 1 user review8 %
Value For Money : Excellent
jacky d.01/27/2010

jacky d.'s review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland TD-12KV
How long have you used to?
7 months.
Buy suite costs in store with headphones roland.
All had me convinced on the spot. But after seven months of use, the reality is quite different.
Indeed ds that we pass the group game (repeat, concert recording) and the bin is the catamaran.
Is considered active on a drumkit that is electro: not a good mix, and electronic sounds synthtique without scale ...
Nothing to do with the sound of an acoustic.

- Pleasant skin mesh
Rack - not bad
- Positional sensing

- Sound non-GPs
- Machine gun effect
- Hihat and bass drum pedals (that's first prize)
- Laughing at the musicians and the engineers of his
- 4 output, I thought it was irrais, but actually it is really too tight.
- Bass drum pad not very stable
- Pads too small
- Charley monopice and far to reproduce the range of initiation of a sound.
- Bcp plastoc ultimately.
- Price

I Jense EDRUM that is exclusively for beginners or children.
I'm sold and repassed the acoustic (+ mesh skin and cymbal mute for embter by neighbors)

rythmanblues's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland TD-12KV
How long have you use it?

I bought 2 years ago ...

Have you tried many other models before buying it?

I tested almost all the range Roland (including TD20), and some Yamaha.

With experience, you do again this choice?

In the same financial YES! Anyway, I would have taken the TD20 I also think that I'll soon be buying it (just the module ...)

What is so special that you like most and least?

+: Reactivity, precision editing capabilities, sound quality of the samples (when you take the time to set all the parameters ... which is not easy ...)

-: The pads are just as diameter is a little short ...

Do you think the engineers at Roland would have thought you lay a Soft?! at that price it was still a minimum ... and level of development opportunities of the beast: 0, except add pads, and / or control a sound module .... even on the TD 9 (which is much cheaper ...) there is a USB port ....
How would you rate the quality / price?

Bah ... It's not cheap but good for the price of an acoustic drum drinking (including cymbals), t have enough fun ....
And your neighbors will not see you with a gun ^ ^

pit07's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland TD-12KV
I bought a TD-6KV there are 4 or 5 months. Trs satisfied with the product, despite a lot of unnecessary kits, rubber pads and a few thugs. Wanting to get me the new pads Snare Charleston and the TD-6KW, I'm finally back with a TD12 complte (thank you packs!)

Well Premire my impression: "... would I finally bought a drumkit .....". Tests with a good headset, the quality is really impressive! Everything is, everything is raliste (bell of cymbal, bass drum which reason the tone of the snare drum, toms Rimshot on, etc etc) ... Slap!

Deuxime slap: the pleasure of playing: The toms are small is sr, but the feel of each pad, the size of the snare, the real charley ... everything is for the feeling of playing real drums (unlike the TD6 o shake you have to play lol). O On my impression: "Finally a drumkit".

More dtail: The drumkit is relatively easy ride, no need for manual, everything is intuitive.
- The pads of the toms are not very great, but the skin mesh size catches up: playing comfort, silence strikes, rim shots ISSA ... it is far from the trs rubber pads that are neighbors crisis.
- Ct snare drum, the two sensors on the skin to rajoutent ism of sound and playability of Surprise also be able to play in ballet!
- Ct bass drum, nothing wrong. Skin mesh also rebounds pleasant, quiet pad. I use a simple pedals TAMA with hits that came with the pad (plastic). The pad does not move a muscle even in the strong typing.
- Ct cymbals: Nothing wrong either. Unless the bell of the ride remains a bit difficult to reach full game, but with a little practice, I think it will not be a problem. on the other hand I think it's actually INTERESTED to get a ride higher and pass the current deuxime Crash, which is not a luxury (well yes, but you have me included) .
- Ct charley: Systm ingnieux, which allows to use a real hi-hat stand acoustic playing comfort, there is finally the same sensations as an acoustic. Everything is Settings, the closing of the hi-hat, the degree of openness ... a real rgal. Small BMOL: I stand charley is a first prize, so that the rod rotates ... consquent also by the pad ... and since the sensor is only on the Rimshot half the girth ... short, NCESS to block everything to me.

Ct module, everything is easy to ACCS: kits, patterns, mood, instrument. A wheel for easy navigation. The LCD screen is good, everything is displayed clearly, with numerous illustrations. A Premire view, a good module trs. This is confirmed when one focuses on all rglages available ... and was smiling all along: the type of hardware used fux depth, skin tightening, addition of tape or cover for the bass drum, or chains of rivets for the ride, possibility get the stick on the snare drum for each kit, possibility to rsons pads according to other pads hit ... a multitude of possibilities, not to mention being able to modify each sound in depth.

50 kits on offer. 40 I would say excellent, and the end 10 of which offer good sound but difficult to use. Some kits offer loop patterns, just to have some fun. A pleasure for some (Reggae, or RockBand ...!). Too bad for lctros kits that are pretty bad (unlike the sounds on offer by the TD6). In addition, patterns techno ... I do not know o musicians Roland cost a techno ... but I was, I had never heard in my life ... and fortunately ... we're not going in the same botes short, the electro than techno. Trs important not say to me, but sometimes it's nice to start a low line and hit to hit ... !

Ct songs, all in curls (practice), not bad that I do not like (they get drunk funk ...!). Some are really pleasant. Less original than the TD6 (Country, Dance, exotic ambience ...), it's a shame. But is really positive.

Ct atmosphere, many rglages possible: in addition to conventional rverbs (cellar, studio, gym, toilets ...;)), we can change the constitution of the room (bu ..) size, and position of microphones. I personally have not really tried but promises good rglages for the pros (I'm not!).

That's basically for all a. Ct sound, my amp PM-10 is the pick compltement dsormais (j'exagre a little). The headphone is really the top. For group play, another amp I will ncessaire I think.

In esprant you have some clear lments;)

Comenrico's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland TD-12KV
I bought the TD12 2 months ago. I am really pleased especially as most of the basic adjustments had been made by Tommy Snyder at a show.
With an acoustic kit also quite large and inevitably noisy, I could not install it in my apartment: the problem was solved by the TD12. I find the pads low noise except the GC but I do not think there is enough to disturb the next door neighbor ... The module is very comprehensive and I am far from having exploited all. The factory sounds are not representative of what can the TD12: you get really close to the sounds of acoustic but it takes time.
I play a lot of CDs to train and what is it that you can connect a CD player directly to the module and adjust the volume independently of the pads.
On pads, it's good stuff, solid at first glance (the time will tell). The cymbals are working well but the dome of the ride you still have to hit hard enough, it lacks nuance. The hi-hat, once properly adjusted, is pretty amazing.
You get used to quickly meshed skin but at first I found I was getting tired faster than on normal skin.

Regarding the quality / price ratio, I think it's still expensive compared, not the quality of the elements, but in relation to their size: I think for 3000 euros, Roland could have put the pads 10 "for toms and 12 "snare and a cymbal 15" for toms, but you get used to the snare drum is really fair and the ride is hard to play jazz in particular. What is bad for the snare is that the pad 10 "does not allow my mind to get the most out of different areas of typing.

Finally, to get a kit where you feel really comfortable, we add a lot of money: 3000 Euro base (rack edrum + + module) / Pad 12 "(350 euros) / Cymbal 15" (250 euros) + pole Roland (70 euros) / amp (600 euros) = 4270 euros

In conclusion, the TD12 is a beautiful instrument but which is very expensive and that is for certain privileged that I am one.

Despite the price, I do it again this election ...

ju565's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland TD-12KV
- How long have you use it?

about a month

- What is so special that you like most and least?

the +

the sound is impressive hardy species, the kits can be modulated at will plant that is changing the type of drums, the depth configure the type of sounds on the edge of the tom and snare drum put one or more bells or on the edge of the cymbals or tom, add mutes on the snare and toms gc define the type of snare wood, aluminum, ... configure the size of the piece to the sound environment set the sensitivity of each pad and volumes for each kit
short of infinite possibilitée
sampler can measure a number of predefined or even sign up (about 15min) with the module which is handy if you play another instrument like the guitar in my case elec

the -

electronic kits unnecessary
my neighbor not like too much vibration as contrary to what one believes one drumkit elec certainly makes noise 100 times less than the vibrations of sound, but moves are present tjs

- Have you tried many other models before buying it?

Yes, I tried the TD3, TD6 and models III and Yamaha DTXPRESS DTXTREME IIs heads in store, but my first c drumkit elec and apart from the TD 20 is undoubtedly unparalleled ...

- How would you rate the quality / price?

expensive, but all the instruments on its quality have a stroke so I would say a good price qualitée

- With experience, you do again this choice? ...

certainly yes but with reservations because I do not think my neighbor peterai a cable so I certainly do in a fine specimen a math teacher but qualitée of the instrument is unquestionably present and if I n 'had not a neighbor as stupid choice I would do this again in a heartbeat
luc 968 cab01/21/2006

luc 968 cab's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland TD-12KV
Certainly it is a good machine ... Apart from the bass drum sound that could be better.
but the price is exorbitant ... when we know it is in the distrbuteur 1700 euros ttc ... Moreover, it is like a for all distributors of music stuff ... -50% Of the shop ttc
french distributors are greedy
elsewhere - in Germany and 30% - 50% in the United States (personal purchase Fender and Mesa Boogie) and Asia (purchase personal Zildjian cymbals and pedal Tama Iron GC), and everything in store ...

hello home


Chtidrummer's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland TD-12KV
Practicing the drums for 25 years, has three weeks I use this hardware and I'm super satisfied.
Out before, I do not fit into the polmique against electro acoustic. I simply advised to have a good exprience of acoustics before and know how to hit correctly dj cc or cymbals. For me, the electro is another way of musical exploration, not a substitute. I play every day on my Sonor Delite also in my cellar. I know I'm lucky; ")

In short, the TD12, the +:
- Pads: trs playing sensation close to acoustic. The tension of the skin is adjustable but there are limits, you can not play trs "dtendu". The dynamics is Submitted and rims are nice (hit both the skin and the edges), especially on the DC.
- Module for use for those who practice this kind adj or similar device (squenceur, br, home studio), if not impossible.
- Connections and start trs simple thanks to reprages on the cables be inserted into the tubes of the rack.
- A range of almost infinite paramtres influencing each sound, so to speak, duly and dizziness! ...
- Sounds of excellent factory invoice.
The -:
- On the stand, no ring or stop reprage. Obligation to stick up for gaffes or other easily his set.
- Kits for factory build 40 (on 50): 3 minutes they are fun but not very usable. This machine is really made to "hack" your own sounds: you have to be curious and imaginative.
- No possibility to easily backup memory card other than transfer sysex matrisable difficult (not yet practical. J'espre the internal drumkit module does not lche every 3 months .. .
- Reduces memory locations: 50 (dj made it crushes those factory but we have the possibility to restore a kit or kits all factory)

- Add this set to buy a cy15r (ride), it's really stunning that the bell is not sensitive trs (you must hit hard to make it sound).
- Do not forget to physically position The elements of the same set of your acoustic, attention therefore misleading Diameter pads.
- Get a headphone "neutral": no bass boost, otherwise your sound will fausss Obviously.
- If you do live or studio, test kits before you completely on the sound system. The report has in fact nothing to do with your headphones or stereo string. Balancing, qualization, effects, dynamics, we must readjust virtually everything (especially down at least 1 / 4 volume cymba HH ​​+ compared to DC + toms)

Conclusion: If you have to SAVINGS, Do not hesitate, it is always enjoyable to play on + the premium (but not always empty couraging). Anyway, a wonderful little machine, which does not replace a well-sr beautiful acoustic, but approaching a little bit of playing physical sensations vritables (set by the ddrum - and more!) . The pallets are excellent sound and almost unlimited opportunity to concoct his or her own personal sets make this unit tubes, plastics and circuit boards, vritable a musical instrument on which to spend a few sleepless nights working.

jazzystochat's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland TD-12KV
That's it is l, to replace my ddrum that is not appropriate to use that I do .. it's the first Abors trs beautiful stuff, simple to use , trs complete ..
It sounds, the feel is much like that of any other acoustic drums electronic drums .. In short, I give notice Retailer After a few more uses scne situation .. , Op
nothing wrong at the moment ..10/10
(By the way I got it for 3100 euros in France ..)

As promised something due, APRS several months of use, among other fifty accessories and live a good twenty RPTES I can put an objective opinion on the BTE.
Remember that ..? That this drumkit is perfect for live and that only the size of the pads will ask those who have no problem much accustomed to the instrument ...
-Sounds perfect for all styles of music, the bagpipes nomtal.
-A user-friendly operation and programming copy (thank you big sister TD20).
-3 Toms and 2 cymbals dclenchement double triple trsraliste zone, not to mention the hi-hat that is not spurred to.
A real-management mix-in and-out mix.
One-touch raliste with 256 pressure levels that are worth more than the bcp supposedly clavia 1000 levels, as in Roland you can exploit them.
From the gear-solid, built to last and skins that do not crack in two months.
A quick-assembly / disassembly record.
A tariff-you rflchir twice before cracking for the TD20.
Its default:
-Diameter of a pad a little lightweight, 2 inches longer would be a luxury.
The skin-noisier than the "mesh".
Some sounds, inadequate work of high quality particulirement few toms, trs good live but too "synthetic" for the studio.
Franky drums11/02/2005

Franky drums's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland TD-12KV

I bought it in 3200 Musikproductiv euros (PM-10 monitor available). Very satisfied with this negotiation. All arrived quickly and in perfect condition.


I had of course tried before in a Paris department store (very poorly done!) Where I was not very excited about the dynamics and sound. Hence the importance of the setting.
I still start because there is better: DDRUM a hit too loud is inappropriate to the game apart and it was the main reason for this purchase, being deprived of drumkit as living in apartments for several months. Otherwise I took a DDRUM because I think it is superior to the realism of the sounds of acoustic drums, the other brands ... that the rubber pad, no thank you.


First impressions after rising, very average. I can not find absolutely no finesse and sounds as expected.
And then after a few days of adjustment, in immerssion record: Here it is FINALLY!
Possibility of any deal, the dynamics (I found the fine) through the tension of the skin (virtual), the material of the play (wood, copper, aluminum, steel etc..) Toms short, deep .......... the setting list is long. Possibility to record their own footage in real time and trigger them from a cymbal, a pad or a Octapad. In short, you can play a piece by itself if you Dipos enough cymbals to trigger each pattern.
I find the sounds of cymbals excellent settings without too much unlike the drum sounds that require some paufinements away to the side "synthetic", but it is the result that counts and it is not bad at all.
A little disappointed (very) is also timbalero, by the sounds of Latin timbales which remain very artificial.
The rest (99%) is very good. Note that I played this TD12 THE headphone being flat.
The affected skin mesh pads and cymbals is really good. In closing his eyes, were almost seems to play real drums.

With experience, you do again this choice? ...

I obviously do it again this choice until the next V-DRUM. Ideally, a fusion of sounds and DDRUM for VDRUM for pads, cymbals, the sequencer.

I am always fascinated by the sound to go buy my cymbals in Istanbul, but I remain 100% open to electronics. AND ENJOY THE PROGRET!

Zegeoff's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland TD-12KV
By the way, I can still find it less than € 3100 (I bought one of this!)