Roland TD-3KW
Roland TD-3KW

TD-3KW, Electronic Drum Kit from Roland in the TD series.

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All user reviews for the Roland TD-3KW

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Average Score:4.4( 4.4/5 based on 15 reviews )
 10 reviews67 %
 3 reviews20 %
 1 user review7 %
 1 user review7 %
Value For Money : Excellent

theaudioandvideoguy's review"great electric set"

Roland TD-3KW
So after a trip to Guitar Center on a Thursday evening, myself and a buddy of mine start looking into some electronic drums. One of the first ones we messed with where the Roland TD 3kw. At first glance all the electric drums looked the same to me. But I think the thing that made Rolands TD 3kw stand out a little more was how real it actually felt to play them. You really had the sensation of playing a real set. Ofcourse without the loud sound of drumming. I actually plan on getting he Roland TD 3kw for my son when he gets a little older but by that time they will have so many other upgrades to this one it will be called something else.

So my friend purchased the set for his home studio and he has been using it daily and I get the chance to use it too. I love how you can just put headphones on and jam out without making hardly any noise at all. Plust the own board part where you can load your kits on.

The price of it wasn’t too expensive to me because I was so use to seeing the prices of the high end real sets that this was like a breathe of fresh air , the Roland TD 3kw was the first electronic drum set that I have used on more than 1 occasion and im happy to get the chance to use it when I can. I can say its pretty tough too, I have seen it get knocked over several times with it being in a small space with a lot of other non musical stuff going around it gets hit and stuff spilled on it but it keeps working perfectly fine. This will be perfect for someone who needs drums in there room and can make a lot of noise. that’s why I want my son to have these.

electro_freddy's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland TD-3KW
- For how long have you been using it?
+ A bit of one year.
- What thing do you like most/least about it?
sounds good,
good sensibility of the pads,
EVERYTHING is adjustable (almost)
compared to an acoustic sound choisr I can play for electro electro, etc..
- The snare drum.
The - missing his snare typed 80s (yes, I miss me), and I wish the tone could not be saved when you made the home studio, it is just sent through the headset (but that's nit-picking)
- Did you try many other models before getting this one?
Roland HD1 (no top), yamaha DTXPLORER special: good + expensive, so a little more than opportunities, but sounds ugly to my taste (because it will appeal more to others), and Charley lacked dynamics (at least the model tested)
- What is your opinion about the value for the price?
Hard to say ... it's REALLY a good product, but it is really expensive (no less than € 700/800 even on the internet), so we'll say okay.
- Knowing what you know now, would you make the same choice? ...
I think ... Cheaper is not good enough, more expensive (TD9) is just one more sound, so the TD3 is a happy medium.

Didrum's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland TD-3KW
It's been a little over one month that I use, dgote 830 new on sale;) .
for an entry-level, it is really well supplied. OK hardware, however, is the hardware "lctronique", which means it is possible to meet some (s) dfaillance (s) <p class="bbcode-offtopic"> Off topic: <span>I for my part between "crash1" that bug: I plug one or the other between the cymbal when I change the DSIR's edge, this one is displayed only 2 sec. and moves to the center's dsign ...!!?, so I have to quickly change the sound and hit rgulirement the edge so I can come back ... is not empty explain, I was well pissed off to encounter this problem, but it does not prevent to select another sound.</span>
So a lack of lg reliability or robustness, or a default design, which can happen, well, this does not prevent the s'clater.
from what appears to be a point ngatif, but still something natural, it's really the joy of playing on this kit.
The rack is adjustable hope it does the most compact (compact Vdrums), it remains strong enough, in time to see just the heads of the cymbal arm seems too fragile, when found tilt IDAL, it must be prserve to touch it as little as possible.
Whether you are big or small, can be found aisment the required position (height, map, tilt ...)
The module can also rgler pads wish (crosstalk sensitivity (hitting a pad dclenche another), volume, balance (pan), VLOC ....), multiple options for avoid some problem such as crosstalk (above), the redclenchement ...
APRS some time and brain bubbling, it quickly assimilates the options (if there INTERESTED) and we end up with an electronic kit gnial play.
MIDI essential input / output for connecting to other modules such as a squenceur, or on a PC to allow the bank to change its (to be back at earlier t), record squence ... I have not had a chance to test but is worth it.
Possibility to connect a player to play along to favorite songs, and how to train on DIFFERENT COACH points needed to become a good drummer.
basically for the price there is no hsiter, for those who want a drumkit acqurir lctronique, enjoyable to the touch, the Aesthetics, easy r Gler, great ergonomics, a decent price and still remain silent over a trs acoustic kit, lean on the TD3-KW Roland.

léka34's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland TD-3KW
- How long have you use it?
Less than a week

- What is so special that you love the most, the least
most: quality of pads (toms and snare, pretty quiet), easy handling of the module

the least: the sound of cymbals and the pads charlet (the "POCS POCS" mean really), choice of sounds in the modules (not right for my taste), the bass drum pad that is shifted at each time, and the sound of pedal charlet is too low (but good one would do)

- Have you tried many other models before buying it?
No no, this is my first drumkit and I have no experience (practice) drumkit

- How would you rate the quality / price?
Excellent, nine complete package € 900 (headphone head wand)

- With experience, you do again this choice? ...
Yes, if not being able to turn to a TD6 module, because I save different style of music, or the choice of the TD3 remain restricted.

manekineko's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland TD-3KW
- How long have you use it?
1 ½

- What is so special that you like best ...
- Skin snare nice,
- Toms pleasant
- Management of velocity rather convincing
- Its ability to connect sound module for playback,
- Possibility of sounds, exercises wide enough not to feel too cramped.

... The least?
- The volume of the hi-hat foot is really too low
- Control of the charley not always clear
- The effect of the snare drum rimshot worked two hours, the dome of the ride one year.

- Have you tried many other models before buying it?
The Yamaha, cheaper but less sexy.

- How would you rate the quality / price?
For 1000euros, I find it rather well made. I do not know if I took a wrong number, but the little things that made it really nice (rimshot, dome ...) have not been very long. Fortunately there is the snare!

- With experience, you do again this choice? ...
The choice is limited, I think so. It's never worth a noise, but apart 'it goes and you can really have fun!

micsandow's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland TD-3KW
"I bought this kit a few days ago but I have tried many times in 2 years.
-What I like most is obviously the snare pad, the possibilities, the low noise (among other things I bought for it.
-What I like least is the hi-hat pedal but hey ..
"I tried the yamaha DTXPRESS but still I prefer the roland. To each his strength level by metronomes against ClickStation I prefer to dr beat but that's another debate.
Value-unbeatable price.
-I would do this choice inevitable.
dj photon01/09/2008

dj photon's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland TD-3KW
I USE THIS drumkit for 6 months.
I LOVE THE FUND scalars.

saverny's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland TD-3KW
Hello, I used the last 15 days but that was a while since I had already tried the.
AND it does not make much noise Obviously, though my neighbor trs boring it must be said, and came to see me. (I t's not disappointed!)
J've tried yamaha and then the td-6, which for me is almost the same but more expensive!
Report quality: trs well for 1000 is well trs.

JBshark's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland TD-3KW
I complte my post after 10 months exprience (very positive!)

- Always happy: great hardware and sound quality (just limits for snare drum sounds but hey ...)

- Great even for beginners in drumkit: Learning sync / DIFFERENT members dsynchroniser the trs is well ... on plastic! It is necessary to play the same rgulirement on a "real" drumkit because the sensations are diffrent, it's true.

- A small problem with a cymbal (ride), which shows few signs of fatigue of Contents plastic that has become dull and that any "toy" a little on the sweet spot ... No consquence of sound and dclenchement but it is ugly. A default I think I'll try to change jsuis still under warranty.


How long have you use it?

First of all I am beginners (with drumkit, not music)! I take drum lessons for 3 months. APRS one month course, I liked much, and I wanted to train when I wanted to move quickly trs. So I have the TD3-KW for 2 months, time to test some stuff on before posting in this forum.

I purchased a MODEL nine because I did not take any risks on the electronic stuff (it's debatable, I know ...). In this connection, be warned: TD3-KW kit sells for around 1090th, does not include bass drum pedals (!) Or headphones. So you'll buy these lments 2 + 1 + chopsticks possibly stool (either an overall additional cost of about 100E (minimum) for all elements deficits!)

What is the particular feature you like best and least?

* The sound quality is really great! With a good headset is a pleasure to listen!
* DIFFERENT feel of pads is really good, the snare skin cell makes no noise (unlike other pads), great!
* The module, simple, practical and comprehensive
* Congestion remains even when Reduces
* Look! Yeah, I found it quite nice ds a little apartment '!

the -:
* Make the cymbals sound of plastic plastoc remains visible through the headphone, and it's a bit annoying! For example if you have crooked rgulires ride on the right hand, you hear the "toc toc toc ..." plastoc of ... Not great but not dramatic either!
* The hi-hat pedals are not great, it's true. It's pretty far from real in sensation, I think.
* Find a Claisse's clear that I like is difficult.
* The rack is a bit tight I think. It may be wise to buy the module and the pads of the rack with the TD3 to TD6, for a little more up ... Try it.

Have you tried many other models before acqurir?

I had seen in the shops TD3, TD6, TD12. And I asked the sellers to make me a dmo, since I hardly knew then jou! Tip: put his hand on gnrateur, everything is common between TD3 and TD6 MODELS. So you benefitted from the same pad on the quality TD3 and TD6, these are exactly the same! APRS, the case is TD6 + sophisticated and gre toms in two areas hit, I think ...

How do you report qualitprix?

It's expensive, but it's good stuff! For now I am delighted with my purchase! So good value qualitprix!
Exprience with, you will do again this choice? ...

Sr! By purchasing the MODEL of quality, even if it's Roland, I did not expect such good rsultats! APRS I RPET, I have little exprience in drumkit, and I may change with time of the opinion ...

I add a topic, which is important: can we learn about an electronic drumkit?

There are just over two months, j'tais perfect beginners drumkit. I had 10 years of violin (not search the report, there is not!) Before, and that's it.
Since October, I take one class per week on a "real drums" in School of Music. APRS rgulirement I train in the week on the TD3, and ... I'm progressing fast lane! So Do not hesitate too much, there is a way to learn about plastic, even if it is to play every week on skins!

ringomayo's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland TD-3KW
Good morning. I use the td3kw for a week now. I started drumming and tiny drumkit. After several years of practice not because of neighbors were friendly but not close to raids toms gradually cut throughout the evening, I had to go to the mail.

I took me a long time to decide between the yamaha dtexplorer and TD3. I hesitate because of the price. Just a simple comparison test to Baguetterie to be convinced to add the 200 euros more (provided you have them of course. Frankly I would recommend the budget to save longer to take the TD3.

What is so special that you like most and least?

The pad body to skin changes everything: the answer is very nice, we really believe it. It has two sensors, then considers the rims Chota.

Cymbals, two sensors too, can distinguish ride / crash on the edge. Here too it seems to be a detail, but when you work a bit, it's capital. it enhances the realism of the game

Tom pads, nothing to say. These are single-sensor (the entirety of the yamaha pads!). The response is good.

The module is simple to drive. The preset kits are nice, and sounds selected goods (depending on personal taste). That of the Yamaha seemed equivalent in terms of quality. It can connect to a PC, and the possibilities are endless!

Finally, the rack: it is robust. Can be a bit narrow for very large, but damn. It hold well in a corner and not invade the space when folded. Connections are easy (you end up not with a bundle of wire across the living room).

So the playing comfort is excellent, it really is a super stuff for work at home and even take plaisr (you can play songs recorded). For now, the neighbors do not understand. In short, it's party time!