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  • Casio CTK-800

    Casio CTK-800 - oktoplus's review


    61 keys, 5 octaves, 500 sounds, USB port UTILIZATION Yes OVERALL OPINION Very good sound quality …

  • Casio CZ-1

    Casio CZ-1 - forum.girard's review


    5 octaves Picth 1, a modulation 3 MIDI, 1 sustain pedal A chorus full blast polyphony: 16 channels, 8 in practice, if four overlapping sounds. UTILIZATION Editing sounds is super easy. (At the time a friend had a DX7, the sounds may have …

  • Casio WK-3800

    Casio WK-3800 - FredDup's review


    Last date of avatar The series of Casio WK-3000 Arranger keyboard - 76 keys - 6 octaves. Keyboard quip a pitch bend wheel + knob "modulation". Connection: Midi In (USB) - Midi Out (USB) - Jack to sustain pedals - faade Headphone Jack - Rear Dou…

  • Casio PT-10

    Casio PT-10 - deud's review


    - How long have you use it? This was my first synth I just found in my attic. He has 20 years and still works. He now sounds parasites probably cause some of the area wet enough o silent stock. But my little sister dernire 7 years with fun like cra…

  • Casio CTK-651

    Casio CTK-651 - Droksu's review


    - What type of keyboard (piano synth ...)? A synth ... - What connections (audio, MIDI ...)? Mainly I use the headphone / jack which I use for audio output rptition with my group. It also possde Midi output to connect a sound card or interfac…

  • Casio DG-20

    Casio DG-20 - riot688's review


    Casio DG-20, basically a keyboard format guitare.Solide, practical, plastic toy, but is resisting! I bought a year ago on ebay, Germany, for 150euros including postage (one chance!) I use it to make my keyboard part, because not knowing this in…

  • Casio MZ-2000

    Casio MZ-2000 - harrycot's review


    KEYBOARD: 61 keys full size model with sensitivity of the keys (initial pressure / pressure supplmentaire) Casio MZ-2000 Keyboard64 voice polyphony (max.) 16 multitimbral MIDI channels 562 tones (487 tones normal sounds 20 registry, 15 drum set…

  • Casio Rapman

    Casio Rapman - Philippe77's review


    32 keys 25 sounds 30 rhythm patterns scratch disk 3 pads effects Voice Effector function: change the pitch (+ / -) between the micro (extreme lo-fi!) Dmo MP3 and video to: Ultra-kitsch! : O) U…

  • Casio CTK-481

    Casio CTK-481 - Dj Kilin's review


    - 61 keys - 99 different instruments - 99 beats - Pre-recorded 99 songs, with the possibility of kill on the left hand and right - Screen central between the note played on another partition, and fingerings to pieces used for prerecorded …

  • Casio VL-1

    Casio VL-1 - zill's review


    31 buttons kind of notes with one octave up / down 3 positions to cover a wide set of notes, one of the few whose synth keyboard can also be used as calculator:-) A one key play that allows you to dfiler a series of notes put in memoirs Six instr…