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Emagic Logic user reviews

  • Emagic Logic Platinum 5

    Emagic Logic Platinum 5 - " Simply excellent!"


    Quiet and trouble-free installation. SUITABILITY/PERFORMANCE A MIDI sequencer and audio excellent, efficient and very intuitive to use. But why, Emagic you it has stopped development on PC? OVERALL OPINION Even after 10 years, Cubase does n…

  • Emagic Logic Platinum 5

    Emagic Logic Platinum 5 - Namda's review


    No problem installing, configuration is fairly straightforward and the manual more or less clear SUITABILITY/PERFORMANCE I have a P4 3ghz, 1024 RAM and a sound card in 2 luna. the software runs above the impeccable and I think it's rather the s…

  • Emagic Logic Platinum 5

    Emagic Logic Platinum 5 - tedw@rigo's review


    Install no problem, learning is essential, and when you know it ... Exceeds there in his field all the competitors! The 2002 version is even better than the new ... in crneau! It starts nanmoins old (slow bounce, some plugins ... bug, I will certainl…

  • Emagic Logic Fun 4

    Emagic Logic Fun 4 - tedw@rigo's review


    FREE PC MAC family dEmagic Logic Audio and usable indefinitely with backup possible, Logic Fun is a free MIDI squenceur with 4 audio tracks. These dunes have dernires rverbration, dun dun chorus and band equalizer 2. These treatments are more widely …

  • Emagic Logic Platinum 6

    Emagic Logic Platinum 6 - Blue Bird's review


    - Installation no problem, it's all the same on Mac o) - The loss of the benefit of the VSTi AU (that's fair) has not been without shame Collateral. I find myself compelled to buy the upgrade of a plugin 1.x to 2.x, UA rdige time o I notice is the …

  • Emagic Logic Audio Pro Isis

    Emagic Logic Audio Pro Isis - fairbec's review


    - The implementation is done without problem. - No incompatibiltbr /> - The manual provides a few lments ncessaires comprhension intuitive platform. SUITABILITY/PERFORMANCE This software has made me very few crashes, about a dozen in two yea…

  • Emagic Logic Control

    Emagic Logic Control - Blue Bird's review


    After a few weeks of use, here's my verdict: Undoubtedly this is a great control surface. Happiness is being able to bar the horrible DGIG transport logic (one is satisfied with very little), and especially the mouse. To finally mix the ear and n…

  • Emagic Logic Platinum 5

    Emagic Logic Platinum 5 - smeagol_fr's review


    Logic Audio is one of the best sequancer the moment! Instalation no pb ... The config is clear is simple (a hand, the environment) but when you see the capabilities that it has ben necessarily must give some thought to the settings SUITABILITY…

  • Emagic Logic Platinum 5

    Emagic Logic Platinum 5 - MrShake's review


    Installation: no problemo, it's fast and clear. This is the audio setup that gives a cold sweat ... depending on your audio gear, may take several hours. Configuration gnrale "easy" is a word that has never heard from t Emagic. "Powerful" is the only…

  • Emagic Logic Platinum 5

    Emagic Logic Platinum 5 - Vintage Jack's review


    No problem. Without comment. SUITABILITY/PERFORMANCE PC PIV 1.6, 60GB HDD, 256 Dram, Abit motherboard. Its performance is not quantifiable because Logic is the rference PC by its stability. OVERALL OPINION 16 years depusi Creator / Atari.…