Emagic Logic Platinum 5
Emagic Logic Platinum 5

Logic Platinum 5, General Sequencer from Emagic in the Logic series.

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Iredg 11/26/2002

Emagic Logic Platinum 5 : Iredg's user review


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Installation trs quickly without problem.
No configuration particulire. Job title All is ready.
The app comes with a workbook plus 3 manual STANDARD: nothing to say is good work and all in French.


Mac G4 860 MB RAM 110 350mgh Gohde + motu 828 + MT4.
Performance me tons on my 'little' mac. It's fast without being overwhelming (I use OSX)


I come from Steinberg and I will not be back anytime soon. The sound of cubase is really rotten. Sx is a function amlioration but many have t 'pump' Logic.
Logic is fast, the audio engine is very good, 50 plugins are provided trs music and really efficient (they are not for the beautiful)
For now I regret the abandonment of the VST OSX but the main plugins in Audio Units will not be long.