Emagic Logic Platinum 5
Emagic Logic Platinum 5

Logic Platinum 5, General Sequencer from Emagic in the Logic series.

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MrShake 05/01/2003

Emagic Logic Platinum 5 : MrShake's user review


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Installation: no problemo, it's fast and clear. This is the audio setup that gives a cold sweat ... depending on your audio gear, may take several hours. Configuration gnrale "easy" is a word that has never heard from t Emagic. "Powerful" is the only one they know. So all learned ... slowly!


Someone said performance? YAAAAHHH! This app is an alien plant Power! I have a config powerful enough, but only 512 MB of RAM and an Audigy sound card as Player, and there is no click, no pop, no shadow of a cabbage latency. Top.


Six months of use, six months of happiness, and I still learn things about Logic. FYI, I went through Studio Deluxe Magix, Fruity Loops, Cubase VST ... the trash now. That says it all ...
As always criticize, even when I put some warning: Logic is capricious, management of VST is quite subtle (few of them out in multi-channel for memory), but its capabilities Total automation of CONTRL and total external audio edition intgre (ah yes, I also abandoned Sound Forge ...) make it the perfect companion for your imagination - basically, it will bend your DLIR!