Eventide H9
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Eventide H9 user reviews

  • Eventide H9 Harmonizer

    Eventide H9 Harmonizer - " New with the (good) old"


    Basically, take the 4 pedals of Eventide Factor series, put them in a smaller and you have the H9 box. With two twists! The first is that only a portion of the algorithms is available by default, the rest must be purchased separately (18 EUR algorith…

  • Eventide H9 Harmonizer

    Eventide H9 Harmonizer - " Incredible! More ..."


    Pedal at the famous Eventide, reputation is more to do, it can make sounds very good both for guitar, bass, sinthé. The peculiarity of this pedal is that it includes all Strompbox chaz eventide namely Space (Reverb) The TimeFactor (Delay) ModFactor…