Eventide H9 Harmonizer
Eventide H9 Harmonizer

H9 Harmonizer, Multi-Effects for Electric Guitar from Eventide in the H9 series.

clad666_jack 11/17/2013

Eventide H9 Harmonizer : clad666_jack's user review

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Pedal at the famous Eventide, reputation is more to do, it can make sounds very good both for guitar, bass, sinthé.
The peculiarity of this pedal is that it includes all Strompbox chaz eventide namely Space (Reverb) The TimeFactor (Delay) ModFactor (Modulation) and PitchFactor (Harmonizer)


Very easy to use, look in the manual (in English) and it's cake. That is to say, you can easily get to switch between banks, change the preset accorter his guitar, etc.. The plus is that little change effects on computer by connecting via USB or if you have a tablet or an Apple phone, it is also possible to edit via Bluetooth.


Good to be clear, I have the PitchFactor and Space and I wanted to use it for modulation or delay. Paris won for eventide because the sound is really great. Small black dot for some effects ModFactor are cold enough ... but hey we're not going to spit in the soup.


Good to summarize, very good pedal, but really TOO expensive! for two reasons: You can not use two effects simultaneously (eg, reverb and delay / or modulation). to do this should be redeem ...

Second black point is that buying pedal effects embarks 9 (a chorus, a tremolo, two types of harmonizer, two types of delay, a shimmer, a Hall, and Ultra tap) is not bad but ... benifit for other effects (eg, I want to Blackhole, clean the space reverb or if I just add the algorithm. phaser, algorithm) must bein board at checkout, so despite the € 570 that the listening beast, is that access to a quarter of the algorithm, otherwise it costs € 18 per algorithm (there are more than thirty). then certainly, there way to try before you buy but when you see the price of this beast is clearly theft.

In short, to sum up, his extra, can do great things, but you just have deep pockets ...