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  • Video Fender [Mustang Series] Mustang Floor  @NAMM

    Video Fender [Mustang Series] Mustang Floor @NAMM

    01/20/12 in Fender Mustang Floor

    Video Fender [Mustang Series] Mustang Floor @NAMM

  • [NAMM] Fender Mustang Floor
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    [NAMM] Fender Mustang Floor

    01/17/12 in Fender Mustang Floor

    Fender is announcing the debut of its first-ever multi-effects unit, the Mustang Floor.

  • Fender Mustang Mini

    Fender Mustang Mini

    09/14/11 in Fender Mustang Mini

    Fender introduces the latest and smallest member of the Mustang amplifier line, the portable Mustang Mini.

  • Fender Mustang V Review

    Fender Mustang V Review

    06/23/11 in Fender Mustang V Head

    About one year ago Fender released the small modeling guitar combo Mustang II. Ever since, they have extended their product line with more powerful products, including an amp head we want to try out now...

  • [NAMM] Fender Mustang III, IV, V Amps

    [NAMM] Fender Mustang III, IV, V Amps

    01/09/11 in Fender Mustang III

    Fender completes the first generation of its Mustang amplifier line with the introduction of the Mustang III, IV and V models.

  • Fender Mustang II Mini-Review

    Fender Mustang II Mini-Review

    10/03/10 in Fender Mustang II

    Modeling technology is trendy and Fender is all for it! That's why the famous manufacturer has now launched two new amps under the name Mustang. Conceived to provide all beginners with a wide sound range and modern features, their price is absolutely unbeatable. So, did Fender win its bet?