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  • Fender Mustang I

    Fender Mustang I - "Practice amp"


    The Fender Mustang I 20 is very affordable and can be a great amp to have for practicing around your house. It is a smaller amp that has 20 watts and it has effects built into it. It also has USB out to your computer as well. The design of the I 20 …

  • Fender Mustang III

    Fender Mustang III - "Loving the mustang"


    First of all, the is a lot larger than I expected, the picture doesn't really do it justice. It is a really great looking amp, but more importantly is the sound. I have played several other amps (Fenders Marshalls and Oranges mainly) and as far as so…

  • Fender Mustang III

    Fender Mustang III - "great amp , must try"


    I am one guy that must of brought 15 different amp for my home use none please me peavey vypred vox valvetronix and crappy Marshall MG none did the job for home. three years looking read about this amp and said let me give it a try. Got the mustang l…

  • Fender Mustang V Head

    Fender Mustang V Head - "nah I'll pass"


    This is the head version of the modeling series Mustang amps that Fender is pushing lately. It has basically the same feature and tone as the combo but just in a head from. I am not really a fan the head amp because of the whole idea of amp modeling.…

  • Fender Mustang IV

    Fender Mustang IV - "Cream of the crop"


    I believe that the Mustang series is the flagship line for amp modelers that Fender is putting out. They now have several different sizes and wattage. These units are some of the best sounding modelers out on the market and definitely Fender's best e…

  • Fender Mustang II

    Fender Mustang II - "Good not great"


    Just like all the other mustang versions from fender this is the amp modeling attempt from Fender. The sounds from this unit are mostly based off of Fender amps from the 60's but it does have a few modern sounds to it as well. This is a one speake…

  • Fender Mustang III

    Fender Mustang III - "EEhhhh not great"


    This sucker is loud! Coming in at 100 watts with a 1x12 speaker this thing is going to knock you over. But at 17 lbs is won't break your back. Very light weight but very loud. I'm not a fan of amp modeling of any kind. I can't stand Axe FX and th…

  • Fender Mustang I

    Fender Mustang I - "Sweet and Simple"


    One thing I hate about cheaper amps is a lot of them are switching to the amp modeling. Amp modeling in theory is a good idea since you have so many influences and you need something to cover a lot of genres. Unfortunately, most amp modeling all soun…

  • Fender MS4

    Fender MS4 - " very good, very fonctionell"


    ideal complement to my amp Fender G Dec: tuner presets selector, stop / start the metronome or selected accompaniments. All in the foot! …

  • Fender Mustang I

    Fender Mustang I - "more mustang pony!"


    Amp Modeling Controls: Gain, Volume, Treble, Bass, Master, Preset Select, Modulation Select, Delay / Reverb Select, Save Button, Exit Button, Tap Tempo Button Power: 20 Watts Inputs: 1 1/4 "and 1 2.5 mm outside media player MP3 type Single c…