Fender Mustang II
Fender Mustang II

Mustang II, Modelling Combo Guitar Amp from Fender in the Mustang Amp series.

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loloche 06/12/2014

Fender Mustang II : loloche's user review

«  Great sounds for a very small price »

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Value For Money : Excellent
it is pure digital, so no lights
This amp has a 12'' HP. It's 40W sending good! That is why I no longer was using the headphone jack at home not to wake the whole house.
standard connectivity: 1 input jack, 1 footswitch jack, AUX 1 (very handy for backing tracks or play the favorite songs), 1 headphone mini-jack (3.5mm), 1 output jack on the rear ( 6.3 mm), USB output for connection to a PC (essential if you want to fully take advantage of the amp)
For effects, go to the fender site.


USE side, it is extremely simple and intuitive. Some presets are very good, so you can play from the outset without fiddling for hours.
Moreover, with Fuse (free), you can customize finer amp (like hidden buttons), adjust the speed of time, select the insertion order effects in the chain (pre / post amp). Finally, if you want to get THE sound of your idol, just go to search a user preset that has taken the time and care to share with the community fuse.
I put 8/10 because it absolutely need a PC to take full advantage of the amp.
At the same time, you can quickly download sounds that would perhaps never found a classic amp.


HIS side, I found the excellent modeling: I love the clean sounds Fender Twin Reverb, I love the crunch and upsetting the Deluxe Reverb, Champ, Bassman, Princeton. As for the big sound, I made a great discovery, always with the Fender Supersonic. The other models Vox and Marshall are also very friendly. They even modeled amps rather metal, but as it is not my style, I do not really have an opinion on the matter.
As for the effects, there is something to find happiness between different delays, distortion, compressor, wah, tremolo, chorus, phaser, reverb etc..

Suits my style: rock, blues, jazz
I played it with a Fender Strat U.S., Gibson Les Paul Studio, a Godin Artisan ST1.

9/10, because I think the lights are essential, even if I find that the fender models meet the dynamic game in my humble opinion.


In Summary, this is a great amp, simple and very efficient (it is not a gas plant), offering unbeatable value for those who want some great clean sounds, crunch and overdrive without breaking the bank with a minimum of effects to sound like ...
40W issued the permit to play in a group, but also the headphones at home. Therefore, ideal for beginners and even experienced.
I used it for 6 months then I sold it ... to buy its big brother the Fender Mustang floor more cut to make the scene.

I would do this choice without hesitation.

I had a Line6 POD2 home for 10 years, and how to say, well there was a revolution in 10 years, in any case, Fender has made! Congratulations to them!

If I had to break the wallet for a pure lights, I probably would direct to a Fender Delux Reverb that I love, even if the supersonic, twin reverb and the field also have their character.