Fender Mustang II
Fender Mustang II

Mustang II, Modelling Combo Guitar Amp from Fender in the Mustang Amp series.

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skymalt 11/09/2013

Fender Mustang II : skymalt's user review

«  Complete modeling! I love this amp! »

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Everything has already been said above, I do not want to spam the page ...
This is the 40W version of the Fender Mustang I which is only 15W, if you have a nag drummer!


Upon first impression the amp seems extremely simple to use, you are entitled to five knobs basic amp, that is to say, Gain, Volume, Treble, Bass and Master and multiple entries that reveal the nature this amp and effects knobs and simulation.
It is relatively poor physical buttons compared to its size and amps in the same price range. The amp models and built-in effects are successful, to say nothing of that side!

on the other hand, if you want to get the most out of this amp there should be a computer! Indeed, it comes with the Fender Fuse software to create the sound you want from a cave of Ali Baba and effects settings are not present on the physical buttons for the most part.

With that said, as soon as I plugged the receiver was asked to update ... It makes you wonder if this is an amp or a computer? Well (purists beware!) This amp is indeed a pure digital tool. Nevertheless it is extremely (yes I love that word ..) easy to use than either physically or with the Fuse software and you quickly get the sound you want, not to mention the countless downloadable presets on internet.

I had to look into the manual to understand what the differences ente many small lights when selecting the effect, without the manual I do would surely not out ..


I only play the, the Rock and Metal Blues, and I was surprised at the sound quality to be drawn from this big box! The sounds are clear, as usual Fender, very precise, crystalline and pleasing to the ear. Same for blues and rock, but it is quite a hack to find a good metal sound, despite the integrated "Metal 2000" effect that is frankly a hearing pourritude, in fact I wonder if they deliberately to incorporate a preset as bad ...

With that said some built-in effects such as "Metal 2000" or "supersonic" are drafts but it's probably because of my guitar (a Squier Affinity Strat HSS, a beautiful rusty shovel, I know ..) I can tweak software for sound with a beautiful Trash Metal distortion well as it should. Anyway we not really buy a Fender for the TRASH THAT DEATH METALCORE TEU ..

But once you master Fuse and physical buttons, play with this amp is a real treat!


I use it for almost two months and I am very satisfied! Besides, I do play them now with my old Fender Frontman 15G.

I love his side "computer" and manipulated endlessly side not purists will surely please fans of Marshall and Mesa Boogie.
What I like least is that there are not many physical buttons and some effects are virtually useless.

I tried a lot of small amps before and the price range is he who beat all!
The value is incredible, I would not hesitate for a second if it was twice as expensive!
I would do this choice, of course! This amp is the master of modeling in its price range, to take again!