Fender Mustang II
Fender Mustang II

Mustang II, Modelling Combo Guitar Amp from Fender in the Mustang Amp series.

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magic fingers 09/27/2013

Fender Mustang II : magic fingers's user review

«  Versatility of style, good ... »

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Amp modeling.
transistor technology.
HP 12 "
onboard effects (chorus, flanger, tremolo, phaser, octave, ring modulator, delay, reverb ...).
integrated tuner
1 guitar input
1 admission to
1 headphone / line
1 USB port
1 footswitch input


config is simple, a main Pannels on which we find the settings:
gain, volume, bass, treble, and master volume (the medium is available from the software fender fuse).
one has a knob to select the kind of amp from classic fender big modern sound, all with three preset by all types amp changed (two memorisable type amp).
two aditional wheel gives access to the first effects and delay / reverb for the second.
all these functions are parameterized just enough on the amp and the software is a breeze.
I had some difficulty, however, to install the software and run it.


I buy this amp for my son, which is the guitar for 8 years and electique 2 years. it gives him access to any type of sound and style, versatility is what really characterizes this machine.
the sounds are amazing, the simultaneous Fender are quite convincing realism, and other marshall or heavy distortion way mesa-boogie type are relatively effective.
The surprise comes from the dynamics of the amp, for example, if you choose the "65 twin reverb" amp really react like a tube amp, it crunch if you push the volume, and if chastened I drop the mic or theft if I play the mediator attacks. over the known predefined volume is REALLY the kind of amp.
I play with my strat american deluxe and kid with an Ibanez SA series with a double to the bridge.
amp compliance with the type of guitar and reacts in fonction.c is a pleasant surprise.


intensive use it for almost one year. We (my son and I) are in very satisfait.le HP 12 "gives detailed and rich sound at a time, the power of 40W is sufficient for our use. I chose this model after having a try line 6 and roland cube40x and finally the value of this model report is quite huge compared to the other, which are approximately the same quality but higher price, then good .... it's a fender!!
I find estetiquement nice, but this is suggestive.
a fault, I would not put the footswitch input here, but rather in the back
in short: it is a very good amp that my son will have to choose the type of amp that could provide later, when the need for power and specific sound that will feel (it'll not be long ... .. meanwhile it is a good machine sound exploration, but fun.
Thank you Fender