Fender Mustang I
Fender Mustang I

Mustang I, Modelling Combo Guitar Amp from Fender in the Mustang Amp series.

SgtShred 01/22/2014

Fender Mustang I : SgtShred's user review


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Audience: Beginners
20W amp transistors, a modeling. 24 precepts recorded and possibilities to change 16 according to his personal convenience. It is then modeling pedals, not like it too much, or 8/10. However, the beginners do not use pedals. ;)


Manual? What is it to eat ..? Nan December but 'I think it is a plug & play amp. You scratch your leg, you choose your effect and you play. ;)
But this is 20Wa transistors, largely insufficient for group play, watch out!
And it is a modeling amp, which means sluggish! In other words, little difference in sound between the guitars. Once you have a fairly decent guitar amp for a change without modeling, you will ruin in microphones after. ;)


Me my hobby is pretty straight forward metal (Slipknot etc) and it is not because it is not Fender balance it. The metal channel Super 2000 (I think it make me 6 I above) is a big, compressed distortion and not messy, very well to send puree. Of course it's still limit is 20W transo but it is very good for beginners in! Otherwise, other distortion are nice, it allows you to play full registry, modern or old school metal or even rock!
on the other hand I found quite despicable crunch .. And clean a little better but not great. Me finally as I had not bought it, it does not matter. : D
As EQ is quite limited and the ear of a beginner is fairly applied, it is not mind, treble and bass at noon! : D


I used one year, when I started up past a tube amp it there's 6 months. I bought it directly, I had tried with a friend, I have not tried others, I knew nothing, I just wanted an amp with distortion. A little c * n the metalheads. : D
What I find unfortunate is the crunch a bit lame, but for an amp for the beginners, I think we can talk about one of the best amp in the market in this price range: about 130 euros nine and 70 occas.
Another negative point, you must use the software sold to exploit it thoroughly, something I never do elsewhere. : D