Fender Mustang I
Fender Mustang I

Mustang I, Modelling Combo Guitar Amp from Fender in the Mustang Amp series.

stompboxjon 11/01/2012

Fender Mustang I : stompboxjon's user review

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The Fender Mustang I 20 is very affordable and can be a great amp to have for practicing around your house. It is a smaller amp that has 20 watts and it has effects built into it. It also has USB out to your computer as well. The design of the I 20 is clean and modern, it is well built and will last you a long time. It does not slide across the floor if on a hard floor surface. The sound quality is amazing for this to only be a 100 dollar amp. It is a solid state amplifier that has treble, bass, master, preset select, modulation select, delay, reverb, and volume controls on it.


There is no set up process involved, just plug it up hook up your gear and start using it right away. The amp weighs about 17 pounds and is only about 15 inches tall and 15 inches wide. It is a perfect size amp and it is also very portable. I do not recommend using this amp for gigging because the sound does not travel far, the speakers can only handle but so much and once you start to crank it up too far the audio quality will suffer.


The I 20 comes with 12 modulation effects like, tremolo, octave, phaser, step filter, and chorus. It has an auxiliary input 1/8 and a 1/8 headphone jack built into it. It does come with Fender Amplitube software and Ableton Live Lite 8 Fender Addition. I have not used it with Ableton Live Lite Fender Edition but I have used it with Fender Amplitube and you can get some really good effects when you use it with that.


The I 20 is well built, it does not sound good enough to gig with but I think it is a great practice amp and at this price you will have nothing to lose. If you are looking for your first amp then go with this one.