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Fender Pro Junior user reviews

  • Fender Tweed Pro Junior

    Fender Tweed Pro Junior - "Simple and effective"


    This variant of the Fender Pro Junior has the classic Fender tweed covering as well as a small Jensen speaker replacing the original Eminence design for a more traditional sound. It is a 15 watt tube combo with just basic volume and tone controls. It…

  • Fender Pro Junior III

    Fender Pro Junior III - "Sweet and simple"


    This is about as basic as you can get. This is a combo amp that has two control knobs one for the tone and one for the volume and that is it. You can crank this amp up and not disturb the neighbors since its only 15 watts. It has a classic Fender ton…

  • Fender Pro Junior

    Fender Pro Junior - moosers's review


    The Fender Pro Jr. is a small guitar combo amp that is tube based and quite basic in make up.  It has a single 10" speaker and delivers 15 watts of power, but don't let this fool you as it can really get loud.  It has a single 1/4 inch input on the f…

  • Fender Pro Junior

    Fender Pro Junior - "Fender Pro Jr."


    I purchased the Pro Jr. at Guitar Center in Sherman Oaks, CA, but I had to return it because the rear I.D. plate said Blues Jr. instead of Pro Jr. minor detail, but - your know. I paid $250 at the store. I bought because I heard some blues/rock gui…

  • Fender Tweed Pro Junior

    Fender Tweed Pro Junior - "Fender Tweed Pro Junior"


    Haggerty's Music in Rapid City, South Dakota. I paid $235.00 for it in 1997. At first, I was interested in it because the price,(I had $240 in my pocket) Then I played it and it was just what I was looking for. It wasnt too complicated, and it was L…

  • Fender Pro Junior

    Fender Pro Junior - "Fender Pro Junior"


    When I decided to buy my first electric guitar I did some research. I knew I wanted a tube amp. I also am into Fender Strat playing blues guitarists. After a bit of searching I found that the Pro Junior would be a good entry tube amp. I boug…

  • Fender Pro Junior III

    Fender Pro Junior III - " Pitch perfect"


    This is a combo 15 W lamps, having only 6.35 Jack input. No chance to get him out on a baffle. It has a Eminence speaker that perfectly fulfills its role. There is a volume control and a tone, but it is enough. UTILIZATION A manual? What manu…

  • Fender Pro Junior

    Fender Pro Junior - Mercredi51's review


    The Pro Junior is a small tube amp (2 + 2 12AX7 EL84) with an HP or a Custom Fender Special Design Eminence 10 inch and given a power of about 15 watts. Level connections and settings, it can hardly be simpler, an input jack, a volume, one tone (note…

  • Fender Pro Junior

    Fender Pro Junior - pilsen's review


    All lamps 15w a channel 1 knob of Tone. period. not complicated rgler.hp 10 "eminence. no reverb. UTILIZATION One branch, and we play ... not making head with knobs! enough to have the microphones that go. SOUNDS Its super clear, dry and clea…