PreSonus FireBox
PreSonus FireBox

FireBox, FireWire audio interface from PreSonus.

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All user reviews for the PreSonus FireBox

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Average Score:3.8( 3.8/5 based on 58 reviews )
 26 reviews45 %
 14 reviews24 %
 5 reviews9 %
 3 reviews5 %
 9 reviews16 %

bagha's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

PreSonus FireBox
I needed a simple interface, stable and compact for my mini homestudio. I use a Dell Dimension 8300 PC 3ghz and 1 gig of ram sp1. I mainly audio (very few pm), I made the synth, electronic drums, scratching, bass, occasionally singing, percussion and other noisy experiments in my kitchen ... All this is connected to a small console Soundcraft Compact 4 which is very convenient and efficient for the price. I have not tried the MIDI input and output of the firebox, but there's no reason why it does not work since everything else works perfectly.


I have never seen an installation easier. It NIKEL! It took me 5 minutes to install the drivers, the virtual mixer and Cubase Le. 15 minutes in total to record a sound, just enough time to configure the audio in Cubase SX3, Acid 5 and 5 Live. It works perfectly in these three programs, the firebox is recognized immediately. It's great having my galley severely digi 02 rack that I finally sold. So no imcompatibilité for now. Everything is bathed. Latency is inaudible. Just start reading some small jumps when there is more than 10/15 tracks 24bit 48khz more full of plug ins. And since I increased the size of the buffer there's more points. The manual is in English but very clear, in any case is not needed, the use of the firebox is clear.


Regarding preamps, I find them very good, the sound of sweet potato, no breath, and very loyal. Nothing to say. Obviously the ideal is to have more good tube preamp to warm it all. But for the price it commands respect. Otherwise I found that, contrary to what was said by another user, the headphone has a hallucinatory power! I'm barely a quarter of the volume is too high for my Sony MDR7506 headphones (a good headset). If the level if there's even a bit too if you like to listen quietly.
The trick with the firebox boring, and the only, the firewire cable which is about 1m or 1.20m, which is too short. In any case I have to buy me a longer and it still costs 25euros.


I've had a week and I think she and I is made to last. The price / quality ratio is terrible, honestly it's worth, for those who are over budget and did not need a super compact interface, the FIREPOD me look even more complete.
Philippe Hélard08/09/2005

Philippe Hélard's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

PreSonus FireBox
Casing I chose this because it comes from the Firepod works well trs. It also offers a complte management levels of input and output. It supports 88.2 kHz.
I use it with a DIFFERENT phones to record my own shows (choirs, musical) that I then mix in the studio.
I use a Rode NT4 Stereo mic, headphones AKG K271 Studio, and Dynaudio monitors BM5A.


No problem with install the latest drivers (not those that are delivered on CD):
My laptop is an Athlon 64 3000 + with 512 MB ram.
My studio PC is a Pentium 3 GHz with 1 GB of ram.
So I can give notice of the Firebox on PC, unlike Recording musician who did a test on Mac

On the laptop, I had the problem of beginners its drivers with WDM and ASIO. APRs have disables all background tasks (virus) and especially the network connections> wifi, everything works perfect.
I changed the internal HDD 4200 rpm with a 7200 rpm: the decision-her and work on the laptop are more fluid.
On the desktop computer: no problem.

Configuration is done easily from the mixer and control panel DDIS. Not empty at first, but easy matriser a few tens of minutes.

The manual book is in English, but can the download in French here: bottom of the page dedicates the unit .


Warning: the only Firewire cable 6-pin is provided for two cents, not an adapter. I use a 6 and 4 pin on my laptop.
On combos, only connections to activate the XLR microphone prampli. Plugging a level of active jacks type Hi-z.

Sonar user, I had no agreement intrt Cubase LE software included, until I discovering that it is a Cubase SX 2 just brid:
- No export to MP3 (limit 20 times only).
- No surround
So I use it occasionally for audio only, because the work is more prcis MIDI in Sonar in Cubase LE (latency?).

Some tips:

- When used alone, stand alone, the Firebox keeps dernire configuration mixing setup and use with the computer. I plugged into the cigarette lighter of my car without problem for the photographs in his collection outdoor. Warning: I / SS / PDIF does not work in this congiguration, having the rgl wordclock the Firebox to S / PDIF or internal. Only the analog I / O function.

- To use the S / PDIF input, you must rgler "clock source" to SPDIF in the control panel. RULES of sync with the internal, not import the digital again: I looked for a while and have finally found why I had no sound!


I used tural situations (taken from the choir) and I performed a battery of tests: (The pramplis the Firebox allow much more power with very sensitive microphones.) Correction: in hindsight, I see that pramplis are limited in volume. This is not a problem for me because I use the Firebox only with a Rode NT4 which the potato. But for dynamic microphones SM58-standard, we must put the knobs of 12 dB and the background check in the control panel if you want the juice!

The sound is warm and natural.
Background noise on my computer apparatus when the button config "to phones Mix" of the mixer is activated. When this button is disabled everything falls into place: excellent, no noise: what do a good job for a musician

Two test files with a Takamine nylon strings are available here:


The ratio quality price is excellent.

But technology Firewire, rcente, ncessite fine adjustments of the computer used Systm.

Philippe Hlard
Cane and Bamboo Studio

Ikkini's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

PreSonus FireBox
Four audio inputs (two XLR jack with 48V and two 6.35), four outputs 6.35 jack, MIDI in / out, SPDIF, headphone preamp, everything is there for a minimum configuration home studio. and as an icing on the cake, Cubase LE, lighter version of the SX, is provided. Everything in the box to start recording ...


Installed on Mac OS X without any problems, nothing to do except plug the firewire cable (external power is not even necessary).


The sound is impeccable preamps, headphone output, however, lack of power. no complaints about the whole, very stable, low latency.


Perfect for home studio use or amateur musicians on the go (this is the perfect companion to my i-book). cubase LE as a bonus, and at that price ... nothing to add, I sign again if necessary!

dj-ad's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

PreSonus FireBox
10/10 No complaints, no background noise, I did full tests with electric guitars, branch off, the microphones of a bottom scraper, the microphone gain on the card thoroughly , recording without playing a note, and total surprise ... c absolute silence!

The quality of the components is at the top, the design is deadly ...

something that bothers me enormously, they have not even planned an on / off button! Sometimes I leave the PC on and am forced to unplug the firewire cable 6/6pin to power off the card (it gets hot, I would not want the grill or the old prmaturement)

I used to dial in on my virtual pc input and output so I did not care ... The hand-outs and headphone out to me quite enough ...

But as I have given the inputs and outputs, suddenly, I start to work more srieusement the live (still virtual) I made the lctro ...

The quality components that I put myself more and more to do the recording of real instruments (bass, guitar and vocals) to incorporate into my music ... registration is a quality irrprochable!

No DSP, but I do not care much, the pluggins PC or MAC can often do better ... azu dtriment processor but certainly between quality and quantity effect effect, I choose quality so the DSP ... bof not need ...

Between a small phono me would have done anyway to save my vinyls ... (But you can always dbrouiller to plug in line with pramp phono or line stage)


Installation super simple ... some files that are installed on the PC, nothing too heavy compared to other brands ...

On the Mac OS comes with the drivers in the core audio !!!!! (You plug and it works (test on Mac OS 10.3)

I use it on an XP2000 + with XP SP2 with 1GB RAM ... and train a little ca ... My problem is the memory bandwidth (133MHz only) DDR strongly recommend ... I had to remove a maximum of PRIF on my Systm (3 SCSI drives, SCSI card, my backup DAT SCSI, cdrom, dvd player, TV tuner card, zip drive, floppy drive, d de-energized the COM ports, LPT ...) phew that's all

At the level of service I also virtual windows all the tricks that were used is nothing (network, printing, PNP, UPNP, security and everything else)

And it works, if not that, my firewire bus crashed (resetting the NEC Firewire card) and restarting I had to rebooted to correct the map ... The plant it again when I plug a USB key (but I know why this is my card which is plugged a USB2 hub that is rotten ...)

I must change the motherboard and RAM type ... and it will get better ... DDr Recommendation I tell you ...


The latency is great as long as the PC is fast and effective as RAM (again DDr high-speed recommended if you want to lower the latency to a minimum and if we want to avoid the microphone mute during calls intensive processor)

firewire AC disconnects, you branch, kidnap, you branch, kidnap ...
It is ultra compact, it can go anywhere ...


Report quality unbeatable price! !
I tried many things before (EMU 1820M, Plusar, Luna and others) and my choice is on the port because at Firebox potato reading record is incomparable! Also it is super easy to use (I think of the Creamware SCOPE platform, which infects thing ...)

In terms of gains in reading and recording, there is a monstrous margin ... samson resolv 50a I have, I lit it with the volume of a 10 ... on the map when I Exceeds 50% is ensured an earthquake! saturates and the sound does not always ... It is monstrous! This clarity I'm too happy ... I redcouvert cdthque my review and I had to work my way so I can work prcisement dsormais!

BRIEF nothing was wrong ... if not again have the DDR RAM is strongly recommended!
(DSOL for the hype but it's much more efficient ... mercurocrhome, mercurochrome ...)

Run to buy it! You will not regret it ...

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

PreSonus FireBox
What technical specifications motivated your choice?
6in/6out + firewire + reputation + the presonus preamps mobilitla TOTAL compabilit with OS X (CoreAudio driver =)
For what purpose?
home studio + live (background effect on free jazz musicians) + dj set
What is your config (motherboard / CPU / Ram / Hard ,...)?
Powerbook G4 1GHz, 768 MB RAM, 60GB internal HD, 250GB LaCie external hd ...
Which instruments or Systmes (console, prampli, DTD ...) do you use the connection and how?
I just have (since 2 hours) I just test the headphone output + hand out
I try with my mixer, there is no problem it sounds clean trs, trs clear (crystal)

for the note, I put 9 because I would have appreciated two more out


- Installation is it without problem?
- Have you experienced any incompatibility?
- The configuration gnrale is easy?
- The manual is clear and sufficient? ...

I do not understand the interest of the question
in fact there is no installation do except to open the box and plug
software that comes with its very simple and effective
I sometimes have problems with small digital performer to click ... but hey we're going in the "hardware of the soft" and AC off again (update, I have this little problem but I do not know why ... )


- The drivers are stable?
so far no problem
What software do you use most often?
Digital Performer + NI KOMPLETE REASON2 +, 5 + see my personal details ...
- What you get lag?
the mixing software makes this unnecessary issue ... I work on dp with latency as the most soft mix can have no latency. like that is more stable
> (Update) I tried to live config type on traktor out1 / 2, absynth> OUT3 / 4, Spektral Delay> 5 / 6 (its output enable me to have separate output on my table and So to be able to manage the send on my table (Berhinger UB1002) to send in my KAOSS PAD 2.
and I put my microphone in between two that will direct Spektral Delay.
I put it trs stable 9ms latency for Spektral Delay and absynth. you do not feel the latency (theoretically have the feeling from ... 12)
it is a good config for live and improv
- How many tracks you get record / playback simultanment? ...
the most I've done it four recording (I have no machine spdif)


How long have you use it?

- What is the particular feature you like best and least?
the sound quality is really good, trs clear (I used the sound card in my powerbook)
I rediscover my discography
all in a preamp with TRS in good order.
at least for now, I see it (the number of tracks in and out but given the budget ...)
- Have you tried many other models before acqurir?
just the sound card in my powerbook
- How do you report qualitprix?
bah it's a bit expensive because I know that in six months ... but hey if you think all the time like this ...
Exprience with, you will do again this choice? ...
I think so. trs's really effective, you can unplug warm without problem and I spend my g5 g4 without my driver install (everything is in the ger core audio Mac OS X Panther)
anyway just for the hand out to listen, it's really better than the sound card apple (macusers message to inside)
the possibilities of routing, as many sound cards but hey it really works effectively and the quality of its own is trs, trs clear> what comes in = what comes out
I put 9 for the price because it still hurts and that in six months ... but ...

ohmface's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

PreSonus FireBox
The premplis and converters

I use it for fun with no latency

My config: A64 3800 + / 4x512 PC3200 / Nforce 3

I used a behringer preamp but it is now in the cellar


The installation does galre for my first card was Bugge (always blue LED) but after changing it so good (but some areas heurezs before the return) this problem seems quite common

The setup is rather simple, I find the drivers simplistic compared to those of m Audio

The manual is very succinct


The drivers are stable maids card is very temperamental with a Windows environment to work, not only use this card on a computer, the sound is cut if it is connected by wireless, the sound turns off when I lift my box the letter, I noticed that you can not change the latency values ​​during a session, you must reboot cubase (galley when it cracks appear during the project)

latency is 1.5 ms perfect (nothing to say)


I use it for 15 days and what I prefer is the whore of her coming out of the machine (the preamp and converters tear) I can only compare with my old Audiophile 2496 and it has nothing to do . The preamps are tip top, great sound, great dynamics, no breath and zero latency recording is a total joy. I just wish that there is no insert (it's stupid)

I found the report very good price quality but I have not too many references

artusetmoi's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

PreSonus FireBox
Buy at comebackmusic Internet (379 euros, yes)
The post office lost my package but found after a few days
I expected a little plastic box and not a beautiful trs
in fact it is a block mtal, trs not heavy but solid brushed steel front connectors and buttons too hard

What motivated my choice:
6 inputs (I dj a double and an analog pramp numrique)
2 which support the connection of an instrument
Quality of converters and pramp

Athlon 1GHz with 256MB of RAM


Installation zero-bp (ah, if a crash, but quickly forgotten)
No incompatibilitbr /> Configuration trs simple.
You plug the card, and then you can start recording in cubase
the manual can be found on the site franais distributor
configuration software could not be more simple mixer software is simple and effective


Cubase no problem. Here too was resumed immediately channels needed.
I put 6ms latency rduire but I could if I had a more powerful pc, no problem.
I did not test more than two tracks

The trs pramplis are clean (not yet taken a breath) and the reserve of gain far greater than ncessaire in input and output


I use it for 2 days
I like the CONTRL faade in the cohrence General for the card (everything is intuitive, even select the inputs / outputs in Cubase), the robust appearance card, the effective pramplis and converters (connect a guitar directly into the card and use an amp simulator, what joy!)
I like the least dcrochages audio in winamp (but I think it's not related directly map)

Before you have it, I had a soundblaster live (see anything!), And was a prt of a motu digifall accompanies pramp and converters numrique / analog. In terms of implementation, c'tait impossible ... I'm glad to have changed config (have it all in the same box!)

This is an important investment sr good, but a good value trs quality price!
I would do the same choice. No dception for now.

Edit 24/01/2011: More than 5 years have sunk, I remember having some dcrochages pc in sync, then I pass on mac. Mac no problem, but I finally realize that pramplis are good but not great. A lot of breath when you push a little and a little momentum on dcevante including guitars ... It lacks a little something ... Finally it's subjective I have neither the hardware nor the ear to judge properly. Moreover the map is because I lch rcemment a hot unplug windows or train travel + metro. In any case it syncs well, and I want to pass on the higher end. Prices well down in 5 years, and for the price I put the era, I may be less (number of I / O, etc.). But I better! Goodbye little Firebox, I loved you well you know ...
Julien S.04/15/2005

Julien S.'s review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

PreSonus FireBox
Not easy to choose an audio interface with the growing number of products in this category and price more attractive, is not it!
Any young "Maoist" currently in training SAE, I equip myself gradually for 6 months
(computer music ddi computer, controller noon, microphone, monitor ...) and large t have my hsitations, particularly in regard to the audio interface of a link Central home studio.
APRS much searching I finally DCID for the little Presonus Firebox from home, I reu dernire week. Why this choice?
First, because I was looking for an external interface (that is when even better) and because the DBiT Firewire of USB is too weak or problem of latency, Click ... .
In addition to the brand: Presonus is recognized in the middle of his, including the quality of its product manufacturing and its pramps (one of the important lment interface).
Then the ergonomics of the Firebox suited my needs: Not too many (I do my catch of his one by one), and TRS outputs, two Neutrik pramps by Presonus and prsence an input / output SPDIF, a Phantom power supply and a midi interface.
Finally, the well-sr price: 415 euros: Pile hair in my budget!


Without major Soucila: Besides two error messages during installation of drivers such as how the Firebox is not certified for Windows XP, it's easy (But this is indicated in the instructions).
The instruction is in English but in French tlchargeable on the site of the distributor ( is when even better. It is succinct but trs damn good, some explanations on the functioning of supplmentaires mlangeur t would not have too many.
Basically, you install the drivers, you plug the firewire, you restart, you RULES your latency in the hardware interface, in your software squence You select the drivers for the Firebox, you plug your monitors and go.


It's only been a week that I have no problem but I was up here. Trs stable with Cubase Not a pet blast out on the Main, 4ms latency no problem (I did not try less). As for the pramps, I think trs well: no excessive breath when they are pushed, and it goes up any fawn suffisammment levels is needed without being too push. The sound is pure reading as well that the record (with an Ovation Pro and B2).
A priori an updated driver is available dj.


Frankly I do not have much wrong, that's exactly what I needed for beginners.
For small it's taken more than enough, the sound is clear, no breath, no rumble or parasites, the quality of manufacture is indniable (Alu, notched knobs mtal ...) the mixer is more convenient and it is mimi! The report qualitprix seems excellent.
Only regret, j'hsitait with M Audio (FW 410) Indeed, given that Digidesign was buying the brand, I thought to make available one of his days a "Protools LE" compatible M-Audio and obviously I learned the day I received the Firebox silent about it out!
I do not regret it as absolumment not my choice, given the user reviews, the 410 does not seem to be gniale, I dropped the matter with Protools and all fawn it must be DCID one day!
Homestudistes friends I greet you in the hope that this advice is useful to some of you.