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All user reviews for the PreSonus FireStation

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Average Score:3.5( 3.5/5 based on 13 reviews )
 5 reviews38 %
 4 reviews31 %
 1 user review8 %
 3 reviews23 %
Value For Money : Excellent

stompboxjon's review"firewire is fast"

PreSonus FireStation
The Presonus Firestation is the perfect interface for recording into your computer DAW. Plus its very affordable so it’s a win win for all of us! A couple things that I love about Presonus is they always keep you updated with product updates in this case new drivers. But you really wont need different drivers if its working fine and you don’t make any major changes with your daw then you should be ok. But if you do need an update Presonus will take care of it without a problem or if you are having in issues at all give presonus a call and they will take care of you without any questions they provide some of the best customer service I have every experienced with buying gear.


I have experienced NO latency when using this with firewire. Its really fast, but there really is no such thing as 0 latency, but It feels like there is none which is hard to accomplish when it comes to hardware and software linking together. Make sure all of your audio cable’s and stuff are going straight from your get to the Firestation with no connectors or anything like that. Remember the more things (connectors/cables) you have between your gear and your interface causes lag issues big time.


No compatibility issues at all, works like a charm and the manual is easy to understand if you need it. Which you probably wont.


Overall, great piece of hardware. I was using usb before this interface. This was my first firewire interface and I am hooked on firewire now. Its just so much more responsive and quick. This is a great value for the price and these things go bloody cheap online! Look around on eBay and check some of the prices, most of them even come with some sort of a DAW just incase you have none this will be an all in 1 package for you.

Alexbaryton's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Although at the time"

PreSonus FireStation
Balance with a MOTU 828 at the time of purchase, it was the only store and then there were these preamplifiers lamp ...

I first used a Mac G4 733MHz, there were a lot of latency. Today with a imac G5 2GHz and 1MB of RAM, no problem.

I mainly record my voice, a guitar or a horn with one or two microphones via the integrated preamplifiers. The synthesizers go through a mixer before entering the line.


I never had a driver problem or OS 9 or OS X. There is now more updated (thank you Yamaha mLAN and that did not work).

Latency is negligible and does not pose a problem recording.


I've never had a problem with the sound card driver. Configuration has always been simple.
Manual and pdfs always enough to answer my questions.


I use it for 10 years. I like the ability to color the sound a bit with the lamp.
Since I do not have any compatibility issue price / quality ratio is good.

If I had the choice again, I would have bought a MOTU which I think is always updated. But as it meets my needs and it can be used stand alone, it can be used again when I change my configuration.

ob-1's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

PreSonus FireStation






Suburb Animal12/28/2007

Suburb Animal's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

PreSonus FireStation
The number of well enough, pramplis lamps, the simplicity of use.

For live electronica, improvisation and composition in a group.

Notebook Toshiba, Intel motherboard, Intel Centrino CPU clocked M760 1.8 Ghz, ATI Radeon x700, 1024 RAM, 80GB 250 GB external.

Used for recording with two Shure SM57 + other dpendant the spot or bump projet.Je with Sennheiser HD-25 so you can easily hear the slightest sound and that this interface breaks records clean . No need to prampli and so it's nothing to say.

Most often I record my bass, my guitar or other instruments, like a piano or a drum line, and many other things and I never short dcus t in terms of dynamic and spectrum.


The installation problem of pos me because I made the terrible mistake of the driver essay of origin, the more I had the wrong firewire card which ignores a Texas Instrument.
If you buy this card especially bought a firewire card with a quip NEC chipset.

See topic here.

So I had to reinstall my PC because of this damn silent installation permanent. Right now I work for almost a year with the version 1.54 driver and it works without problem since.

The latency is about 10 ms full ball, but otherwise it seems small.
I use most often with energyXT 2 (this is where it runs best I find), Live and Cubase SX3 order of prference and CPU.


So the backgrounds of drivers CD, you can use it Frisbee.
Parcontre go to the website and you have the drivers for your card FIREstation.

With a PCMCIA firewire card with NEC chipset it works with nickel.

It takes at boot resource management program mLAN.
I save up to 8 tracks simultaneously to the maximum, that's all it takes.
I do not feel limited by this card and yet I am a capricious.


I use it for a year dj.
I like its simplicity and above all price: Pay € 320 in time, imports USD.

Pass 110 220 v with a change of wiring of the coil of the power supply. So no need of the transformer.

Frankly given the bargain price it's worth it especially if you want qu'aprsmme buy another card because of the evolution of performance can be used as powerful enough for prampli venue.C new 'is for me a purchase without loss.
What other sound cards can not boast when the technology will evolve.

I tried an Edirol FA101 home but pramps taient much better on the boss then I firestation.Et with Motu Traveler c'tait but a bit too expensive for me.

I would do without this choice hsiter but I still think even buy something more portable for my travels.

Edit 2 years APRS:
I go under mac, I bought a Motu Traveler (much lighter) for more portability.
The walk FIREstation trs MLAN well with Mac OSX and I will test the branch ending for fiber + word clock (for sync) and add between the Motu and the pramps FIREstation are trs good.

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

PreSonus FireStation
On paper ca al look good!


Installation impossible under WIN XP SP2

after sending an email to presonus m they said to give up and use the sound card module connected to another ADAT sound card!

So be careful do not buy this card + sound card but only for use convetissuer ADAT (which is really top!) PRESONUS SOURCE! (See forum)


Drivers have abandoned the shit yamaha FIREstation so do not think that one day the new drivers!

not use a sound card with Win XP SP2 and used with enormemenet bowl under SP1!


Jel bought 2 months ago

over and over after galley j bought a motu 828 mk 2 and I used the FIREstation in adat, I must admit that the c is top!

but hey what a pain!

Bertrant's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

PreSonus FireStation
Only the 828 MK2 FIREstation and that work via a firewire port (the port have ropriétaire rm). The connection possibilities (noon-adat-spdif and standalone) are motivated my choice (+ the presence of the preamp). I have an athlon 1.7 ghz pc HDD firewire, firewire card SIS 512 chipset base RAM M °.
I would have preferred a port south of + and + the spdif in the eight entries.


Installing shit!
Well, if we have a system Xp nine, and that drivers installedirect 1.1, It's OK.
But DO NOT INSTALL THE DRIVERS PROVIDED! a pain, the uninstall not work well, the set up is zarb ...
To get an idea, download the latest drivers and try to understand the logic of the files ... It gives an idea of ​​the brothel.
In fact, install Mlane from Yamaha (which is considered to be material) and the drivers of FIREstation. + A patchbay so much crap .... Once it works, it works, however.
The distribution french (jukebox) has made an effort. 70 pages in French. The only complaint is that it lacks concrete examples.


I use SX, and I have no worries. It works well. In fact, once the drivers implentation, there are no surprises ...


Overall a good machine. Simply replace the trainee dealing with drivers and their installation, and make a french manual a bit more efficient. Cam'aiderait to put a real note, I think ...
[edit] I have more, but if the drivers have changed, there must be the best ...

davidsynthé's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

PreSonus FireStation
It is a card complte trs, trs flexible.
This is the reputable from Presonus that motivated my choice. Construction is a bluff to a hardware quality of this award, trs pro.

2 pramp lamp, real potentiomtres, a mini 8x2 mixer, 8 input / 8 output symtrises, inserts, ADAT & wordclock, spdif, 2 firewire ports, midi in / out, 24 bit ... And a careful look particulirement!

I use a small table together mackie before Windows XP, Mac OSX now.


The original manual is not very clear. I rcupr of the importer, as well RALIS Fran and trs. Available in the section tricks.


With the firmware update and new drivers on mac OSX.4 is that of happiness. We launch AutoConnector, synchronize within seconds and does not move. Compared before, it's clear.


I test the first drivers 1.1, it is relatively stable, works pretty well. The configuration is not instinctive trs.
Recorded 8 tracks in Logic 5.5 simultanment, reads over 24 without problem.
Trs low latency (4-6ms) for software instruments, or no thanks a pr-cost direct bypassing the software during the recording.
FYI, I own a Windows XP installation, optimizes and devoted exclusively to music.


The main default is the time it took Yamaha to offer drivers finaliss. It has harmed is sr.

MIDI and a spdif jack exploded is not very practical.

The particularity is that most j'apprcie mixing autonomous faade, very practical.
I've had more than a year, daily use. I hsit with the 828mk2, but the interface is more intuitive FIREstation the pramp better quality with a huge gain.

Can recalibrate the ADCs, something rarely available.

It is 48kHrz limit 24 bits, but enough for me. It's firewire S200 (!), So it is better to place it in the end SERIES, APRS hard drive for example.
I chose the firewire to be able to carry ncessaire sin, I do not regret it.

indian's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

PreSonus FireStation
We will not make any repetition Submitted adj t what I would add is that FIREstation running in stand alone either as a mixer or converter. I do not use it as a sound card.


Again I do not use it as a sound card. the manual is fairly brief but clear and stand alone installation no problem


I vaguely essay as an audio interface and I admit it's not so much a. The problem comes not from Presonus, but the first gnration mLAN is really damn bad. also that the first hardware mLan Gnration works?
on the other hand I use it as Prampli listens and controller of the converter and it's great. the sound is clean configuration is complte and practical so as I give a sound card and the rest 9


I've had 18 months and I'm glad trs. As I said prcdemment I use it as an audio interface but
As analog / ADAT
As control of costs (such as a big knob) in fact I shuffled several sources (my synths) and have a volume knob for the DAW, which is not ngligeable.
and as prampli. For my bass and my guitar I have not beat yet I also Mindprint Envoice, a DBX 376, Drawmer 1960 a

The main problem of this stuff is that its implmentation computer is shit, which made him a super bad reputable. For as against Converto prampli mixer and it's really a case. O the price it is currently a great BCAN rcuprez you.

Corsair's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

PreSonus FireStation
Map theoretically almost ideal with 2 mic tube ....
With a 800 Mhz G4 is gonna be great!


In fact, no driver and no method do you use this card quite normally.
Nevermind the configuration under OS 9 which is voodoo, and see what is being proposed under OS X: It's worse.


The card is eventually used with OS X and Cubase SX, but not with Reason in rewire ...


If you do not: good
Otherwise: Throw!

tariel.l's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

PreSonus FireStation
Microphone inputs including 2 tubes, construction remarkable self without a computer


So I repeat:
installation difficult, incompatibilities with Mac, PC with, not great either, guide in French CSUR download site of the importer.


Drivers not stable


His remarkable - drivers problems - that's why Presonus will release a new model more stable. (Eg on Max, very large problems), but I repeat, external sound card (in addition to self!) Very musical, more natural than RME (very dynamic, but at the expense of a certain neutrality), better than Lexicon Omega (a little soft), more musical than the Tascam 1884 (cool color tone), better than the MBOX (too "acid", I have not tried the echo Layla or the MOTU and more mic inputs 2 with tubes. It would be wise to wait for the new model will be worth $ 700 in the United States.

Voila! damage, but his conversion and remarkable, really! I repeat: wait for the new model