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  • Le Maitre Neutron Hazer

    Le Maitre Neutron Hazer - Audiofanzine FR's review


    (Originally written by djpioneer/translated from Audiofanzine FR) Hi, I bought it in October 2008 but I had already tested it before. I did a thorough research on the web to find "my precious" and I think I found it. Why? No heater and no compres…

Translated user reviews
  • Antari HZ-500

    Antari HZ-500 - " Does the job ..."


    * How long have you use it? I for 1 year now. I use it regularly, but not every day either. Between 5 and 20 hours per week in a room of 400 seats (with balcony and under the stage-curbs). * Did you try many other models before buying it? ZR24…

  • Look Solutions Unique 2.1

    Look Solutions Unique 2.1 - " very well"


    I am using this material for 1 year and I am delighted no comparison with a machine fumée.cette machine consumes little product and made very good job associated mandrillo a (highly recommended) I tried also other hazer, and this machine meets me…

  • Martin Magnum 2500 Hz

    Martin Magnum 2500 Hz - " Disappointing"


    I use it for over a year and it's been over six months since she navigates between me and my repair due to HS probe. I was thinking of buying a reliable and robust as anything I've known brand, but maleureusement this is not the case machine. Eve…

  • Smoke Factory Tour Hazer 2

    Smoke Factory Tour Hazer 2 - " very good product"


    I bought it in February, in addition to the DATA 2 of the same brand. I had a antari X310, the flow was not suitable to me. I went to the council after HAZER TOUR. it is a permanent fog machine throughput, 1500watts, with adjustable speed and t…

  • Le Maitre M.V.S.

    Le Maitre M.V.S. - " Making the invisible visible!"


    I use it for 4 years now after trying several other models without being conquered ... What I like most about this machine is its low liquid flow rates making it a powerful, economic and especially standalone machine and yes it can be controlled by…

  • Martin Magnum 2500 Hz

    Martin Magnum 2500 Hz - " VERY AVERAGE!"


    The construction is of good quality (repairable, room available good quality, responsive service, ..) This machine is classified according to me among small machines for Discos Mobile, the flow is clearly not enough for a pro and worthy of the name…

  • Le Maitre M.V.S.

    Le Maitre M.V.S. - " Price of liquid MVS not so expensive"


    I know and I use MVS for more than 5 years on the previous reviews, the liquid is certainly expensive, but saw a 2.5 liter bottle (the one supplied with the machine) lasts 80 hours (!), it is economic reality in use, and especially can benefit fro…

  • Look Solutions Unique 2.1

    Look Solutions Unique 2.1 - " Reviews Look Unique 2.1"


    A fog machine Made in Germany: all is said! We are here in the presence of a real machine production. Well beyond the "pseudo machinettes" mist entries ranges, this UNIQUE 2.1 is a professional multi-use solution. Real fog generator, this machi…

  • Mateclair Tel-hf

    Mateclair Tel-hf - " I love it"


    I've had two months and I spend plus.La hf remote has a range of over 30 meters that prevents cable and more. The value for money and very correct relationship choice I would do without hesitation. …