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EAW Full-Range PA Speaker Cabinets user reviews

  • EAW VFR159i

    EAW VFR159i - " Great Product"


    Very happy owner of a fleet of EAW VFR159i for delivery. Buy there is a 1400 euros each year. A wonderful upper midrange with deep bass. Very robust manufacturing birch I think. 600 real watts. Hooking lyre possible. Price / quality ratio…

  • EAW KF300 ix

    EAW KF300 ix - " Equipment always available"


    Hello, I'm possibly interrese, I need more information, such as the use of this equipment, AUDIO amp is pictured, it is part of the offer? …

  • EAW FR 253 HR

    EAW FR 253 HR - " I love awesome"


    use for 1 month we each with 2 subs 850 brand and after you try and buy the nexus ps15 apg DS12S TMS4 they are very powerful and mostly pleasant without acute ie not distort or are screaming this is the PR17 to audax ; they can be used without subs b…

  • EAW JF260Z EAW

    EAW JF260Z EAW - " very very good product"


    its been a year that uses c is better than jbl or acoustic the less is the least 30.50Kg. Pregnant EAW JF 260 Z: - V-2 speaker channels or passive bi-amp 700w AES. - Bandwidth 67 Hz - 18 khz. - Makes: 8 ohms 99 db 1w/1m. - Dimensions:…

  • EAW FR 253 HR

    EAW FR 253 HR - " excellent speakers sound"


    1000e + amp BOUGHT crown 3600VZ bought for 1200th September 2012, and we used every 3 times a week in July to August 2013 shows an average of 500 people with Type 650 subs eaw intermittently for shows necessitating the infrastructure they succeed eac…

  • EAW JF560

    EAW JF560 - Damien aka Bobby's review


    Used for 1 year on the front with 2x 560 Jf + 1 sub per side side or on stage. They are versatile, Fullrange or bi-amplified, base for setting up and hanging system. Strong but rather heavy (40 kg) With processor and amp worthy of the name…

  • EAW KF 850T

    EAW KF 850T - zako's review


    I agree with the advice Previous, it's a good trs Systm "classic". It is not super sharp prcis in the extreme, but always musical trs. I love the low mdium and serious pchus that are warm, never "bleed". Caution still use the filter / processor ori…

  • EAW KF 850T

    EAW KF 850T - hornymat's review


    I use the KF850T recently and I think the sound quality is exceptional. The sound is very defined without being aggressive, bass and lower midrange very present, a medium clear and beautiful and an acute but not garish glitter, of course ... it's bet…

  • EAW KF650z

    EAW KF650z - Terenzio Peduto's review


    Sono interessato alle KF 650 s not my mettermi come in contatto con il venditore. Terenzio +393478446086 …