Devi Ever Electric Brown
Devi Ever Electric Brown

Electric Brown, Fuzz pedal from Devi Ever.

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badgerific's review"Unique drive pedal."

Devi Ever Electric Brown
The Electric Brown is an overdrive/distortion stompbox designed and built by Devi Ever. To quote Devi the specifications are as follows:

- true bypass
- mxr sized enclosure
- boutique quality components
- incredibly low mA draw
- silicon transistor based
- 9 volt, 2.1 mm, negative tip power jack
- 9 volt battery snap inside (unscrew the back plate)

It's not rackable as it's a stompbox effect with 1/4" input and output jacks and a stomp footswitch.


Very simple to set up, plug your guitar into the input your amp to the output and put a battery inside and you're ready to go. Another factor which makes this pedal very simple to use is that it only has two knobs. One for Volume and one for Control. The Volume knob simply controls the overall volume of the effect. The Control knob alters the character of the drive effect and the intensity of it. At 0 the control gives you a light drive which sounds nice for pushing a tube amp into drive by boosting the volume knob. At max it will give you a much more distorted sound almost pushing to a light fuzz.


I used this pedal primarily with my squier classic vibe duo sonic guitar and epiphone valve junior combo amplifier. The Electric brown was great for driving the valve junior from a nice clean tone to a crunchy marshall type overdrive sound.

My favourite setting is probably with the control knob only a tiny bit above 0 and the volume boosted to give a nice boosted tone.

This is not my favourite overdrive pedal but it definitely has a character which isn't much like other overdrives I have used and definitely isn't your run of the mill tube screamer type sound.


I really love the simplicity of this pedal. It requires very little adjustment to get a good sound out of it. Another thing that I really like is that it's quite a unique sound and not much like any other overdrive type pedals that I have tried.

For the price I think it's a very good pedal as are most of Devi Ever's pedals.

I definitely recommend giving the Devi Ever Electric Brown a try if you're looking for a non standard overdrive pedal. I'd also suggest taking a look at the Devi Ever Devistortion pedal as it's an Electric Brown and Karaoke Party in one case which gives you good range of overdrive/distortion.