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  • FH(fx) Dual Footswitch AB-Synth

    FH(fx) Dual Footswitch AB-Synth

    04/01/09 in FuzzHugger (fx)

    FuzzHugger(fx) has announced version two of their AB-Synth fuzz pedal, designed to reassign the oscillation toggle to a second footswitch for hands-free operation and quick switching between the pedal's modes.

  • [NAMM] FH(fx) 1134 Fuzz Pedal

    [NAMM] FH(fx) 1134 Fuzz Pedal

    01/23/09 in FuzzHugger (fx) 1134 Fuzz Pedal

    FH(fx) released the 1134, a multi-textured fuzz.

  • FH(fx) Releases 4-Knob Algal Bloom

    FH(fx) Releases 4-Knob Algal Bloom

    01/01/09 in FuzzHugger (fx) Algal Bloom

    FH(fx) released a new version of the Algal Bloom...and added a fourth knob.

  • FH(fx) Algal Bloom

    FH(fx) Algal Bloom

    12/17/08 in FuzzHugger (fx) Algal Bloom

    The Algal Bloom is a thick, nasty new fuzz pedal by FH(fx). The circuit design received valuable input offered by Mellowtone (a builder for FuzzHugger.com and a contributor to the FH(fx) Hugger). The result is a brutal and unique new fuzz, says FH(fx).

  • Coffin Case Batula Fuzz

    Coffin Case Batula Fuzz

    11/19/08 in Coffin Case Batula Fuzz

    Coffin Case has released the Batula Fuzz, a (very) limited edition pedal.

  • Hartmann Tommy Bolin Fuzz

    Hartmann Tommy Bolin Fuzz

    10/30/08 in Hartman Electronics Tommy Bolin Fuzz

    Hartmann realeses Tommy Bolin signature Fuzz pedal.

  • OohLaLa Manufacturing Synth Mangler

    OohLaLa Manufacturing Synth Mangler

    06/26/08 in OohLaLa Manufacturing Synth Mangler

    Ooh La La Manufacturing has released the Synth Mangler, a fuzz box that is actually a little more than just a fuzz box...

  • OohLaLa Manufacturing Soda Meiser

    OohLaLa Manufacturing Soda Meiser

    06/17/08 in OohLaLa Manufacturing Soda Meiser

    As the 2008 Summer NAMM approaches, let's focus on OohLaLa Manufacturing's Soda Meiser distorsion pedal, one of the brand's new products for 2008.

  • Pro Tone Ram Skull

    Pro Tone Ram Skull

    05/21/08 in Pro Tone Ram Skull

    Effect builder Pro Tone presents its new fuzz stompbox: the Ram Skull.

  • MXR Classic 108 Fuzz

    MXR Classic 108 Fuzz

    03/28/08 in MXR M173 Classic 108 Fuzz

    MXR announces the Classic 108 Fuzz, which (amazingly enough) turns out to be a... fuzz stompbox!