Roger Mayer Classic Fuzz

Roger Mayer Classic Fuzz

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Classic Fuzz, Fuzz pedal from Roger Mayer.

4 user reviews

Roger Mayer Classic Fuzz tech. sheet

  • Manufacturer: Roger Mayer
  • Model: Classic Fuzz
  • Category: Fuzz pedals
  • Added in our database on: 09/18/2004

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Roger Mayer Classic Fuzz user reviews

Average Score:5.0( 5/5 based on 4 reviews )
 3 reviews75 %

Txolin's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" big sound"

Roger Mayer Classic Fuzz
fuzz volume
germanium transistor
on battery


you have to play with the volume and gain and guitar volume


the effect is surprisingly effective sounds in the midrange and treble boosts load in severe
nothing to do with Fuzzface a different grain and not this fabulous round and full attack.
we will also play with the microphones for more or less bright
I do not like to use any background fuzz guitar volume is too much for my taste
Fits several rock or blues styles
it does not react well to the combination of another fuzz
vintage stratocaster but completely rewired and rejuvenated wear and requires very old marshall 100 watts as


I use it for two years, I spent time in search of a chance. I had the classic X but without being fully satisfied
I also changed. I expanded the palette of sound effects and I do a variety of configurations.
always Fuzzface base with one or two other
it gives a particular color mediums while the classic X gives the color to acute

-Livingroom-'s review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" A fuzz of hell!"

Roger Mayer Classic Fuzz
100% analog, it is a germanium fuzz with old, used notably by Jimi Hendrix, but not being confined to the register there, as we will see later. A jack in a jack out and roll youth! The aluminum hull inspires confidence, and inside, the circuit is simple and clean. 3 screws to remove the bottom plate to achieve the required battery to power the effect (no possibility to connect a power supply without it changed by a pro, and would ruin the sound, making everything clean ... )


a volume, drive, and go. It could not be simpler, and in its appearance of Batman, it is very well designed, before moving a knob unintentionally, you gotta go hard!

However, be careful not to expose the pedal below 5 degrees and above thirty, germanium do not like, and we must also take care when opening the pedal does not move the button bias, if your effect sound like a flow bidets windy day.


Personally, I usually put all donf, welcome to the paradise of big filthy fuzz, grunge and noise Madness! After sobering by the knobs, you can achieve a vintage saturation quite acceptable, with a strat on hendrix is ​​in, but not that again is quite versatile. After it remains a fuzz, you expect to make pretty verses with choruses. After she did not at all sound a silicon fuzz, and it gives me a fuzz home or studio, but after testing, it is not made for touring.


I use it for this year, I tried a lot of different fuzz, and it has an incredible heat. It is not given to what is electronic level, but the sound makes you forget the bill! This is one of my favorite pedals, simply.

bobbyblue's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roger Mayer Classic Fuzz
one of the first proposed model was hendrix, before the axis fuzz face and use it until his death (we see on the videos of the last concerts!)
a volume knob
a drive knob
operates with a 9V battery (no power !!!!)
That said it is not greedy at all
look psych guarantees


Cot we do not use more simple:
a volume knob
grate a knob for gain

little when it dplorer same lack of power (even if it is not greedy I repeat!) and a small knob qualisation

So the issue is a take it or leave!

the switch is easy to trigger, the robust pedal, it's solid!


Compared to other mayer fuzz of the house that has a more runny quite dirty and a little care this turning point in the model as its axis
one is addicted or hate it type trs!

my comfiguration is:
guitar (gibson les paul studio classics QUP of 2 57 ') - fuzz - tuner - Univibe (Dunlop)-delay (Danelectro reel echo) - wha wha (cry baby) - amp (60w fender concert 12'')

Personally I use the fuzz (gain 3 / 4 OR 1 / 2) on the distortion of the amp as a boost. trs grain thick and mushy fuzz of colors and MLE to that of the receiver: a DLIC !!!!!!
the sound is powerful without being AGESSA is terrible!

some are like a weird config, but you have to know that Hendrix did the same thing by pushing the Marshall heads back! (Natural distortion + fuzz)

in short you will probably understand, I love


I use it for 6 months and I would not trade for anything
it is the best fuzz I've tried (with axis)

trs hendrixien sound, powerful, a little dirty but that's what I was looking for!

no power supply
no correction tonalitbr />
I try other models like the era of big muff and again, axis models, stone, mongoose Mayer, and the fuzz face model
of these two models fuzz me really marks the axis and the classic

issue price quality ratio

I bought used: 145 euro
Panama has been on new 280euro

the quality is indniable, small BMOL when you open the pedal and you see the two components and a half fighting a duel in the case, I find the 280 euros a bit much!
but hey if he falait I would resume the same!

LéoMoldo's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roger Mayer Classic Fuzz
So for the story, I think I read that originally, Roger Mayer modified Arbiter Fuzz Face for Hendrix, before developing the Axis (the first fuzz with the look of famous flying saucer). Subsequently he has developed other fuzz face with the same (but different colors) and sounds more modern, and he reissued his face changed as the Fuzz Classic Fuzz and saucer blue format. It is therefore a circuit used by Hendrix in its infancy, just a little better shielded to prevent interference.

You should know that there are not many components in this kind of pedals, the circuit is just stupid, but what makes the price and that the components are sorted and "hand" tested to guarantee the same rendering on every pedals. It is made entirely by hand elsewhere.

Level settings: gain a knob, a knob volume, jack in, jack out, the shell is cast aluminum and there is a plaque to unscrew to change the 9V battery. There is no external power supply connector, but it must be able to tinker quite simply.

I put 6: Simple and efficient solid but not super versatile and lack of power supply connector (which was not very complicated to add).


Manufacture super strong. It seems that this form was chosen in order to support the switch easily whatever is the "angle of attack" by the foot, OK why not. And "Aillet" protect the knobs kicks nuisance finally this contributes mostly retro futuristic design that impresses the gallery when we leave the beast (but I do not yet speak of what it is when it engages !).

To use the bin is the Roots: not a lot of adjustment so you will not use your head too much, and the pedal delivers its character to all the sauces.


So I did not try masses of different saturation pedals, I really wanted a good sixties fuzz and much much more dirty: I tested the big muff, and almost all other rockets by Roger Mayer.

The big muff is between fuzz and distortion and can therefore be assessed only by itself, I love it but I preferred a true fuzz roots, which could mix with crunches and overdrive the amp for more sound panel: in general I prefer mixing several simple things than turn a knob on one pedal only!

Then over the sounds of Roger Mayer were modern and I liked less, but this one Ouahou! Some say it's the most garish, it gives a lot of color in the upper register, it is true, but also a great big boost in the bass, with a grain, but then a grain ...

We can already get very different sounds with the gain volume knob alone, but the bottom is really the land of the Doors, Jefferson Airplane, Janis Joplin ... (Ac not please everyone)

By combining the crunch or overdrive the amp, you can very easily arrive at 70's sound to sounds, or to Hendrix's style (since this is what he was doing). One can easily find big muff sounds.
In addition to pushing the distortion behind, we hear more pedal too but it serves big boost cradingue, great for grunge (Smashing Pumpkins also boosting their distortions a la the fuzz) or for the dirty metal. Used on a peavey 112 (or amp like that), it can trigger for example instead of pressing the switch "more drive": it is about the same result (no body) but much typed, a little dirty but I love it!

But be careful because like I said there is too much damn load in the low and it can make the slurry very quickly on some amps with some adjustments.


Well the price is impressive for a distortion pedal as simple but damn the sound is there! For those looking for the dirty fuzz anyway! Of course one should not be a fan of metal solos dynamics. 

For the dirty grunge noise (Sonic Youth, Dinosaur Jr. ..) solo or sixties, it is perfect. For rhythm must go easy on the gain, but it can also go really well, especially for blues.

But it is done only for the dirty blues / rock : solo sounds for funk, soul, reggae, plug in there on a fender and slightly crunch which will bring tears to his mom! 'cause the sound is roots, full well, though singing ...

So to summarize it is not a versatile pedal, but you can still get out quite varied stuff if you combine with other more or less light saturation, and when you love this kind of sound is the splayfooted ! For burning his Stratocaster in public in monterrey, it is also quite appropriate.
I have not tried many pedals but I knew what I was looking for and I am very happy with my choice!

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