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  • Gator Cases GK-288

    Gator Cases GK-288 - "Gator piano case , nearly the best."


    Use this for a very heavy RD700 NX. Takes the knocks of road use but although I am reasonably happy with it there are some slight irritations . The case can flex a little when closing and the catches need to be just right to line up. Not a major prob…

  • Gator Cases Jumbo Acoustic Guitar Case

    Gator Cases Jumbo Acoustic Guitar Case - moosers's review


    The Gator Jumbo Acoustic Guitar Case is a professional hard shell casing for your instrument. Gator has a series of cases like this that are made for all different purposes, with this one of course being designed for use with a Jumbo sized acoustic …

  • Gator Cases GRB-4U

    Gator Cases GRB-4U - "Not too bad in a pinch"


    What I like most about this Rack bag is the fact that, despite being a bag, it has a hard plastic (i believe it is plastic) mold on the inside that gives the bag a solid protective structure for you gear. I own an RME Fireface 800 and I purchased a …

  • Gator Cases GR-8L

    Gator Cases GR-8L - moosers's review


    The Gator GR 8L Rack Flycase 8U has been a part of my recording set up for a while now.  I've gone through a lot of these throughout the years, and thus far I've got to say that this one is my favorite.  While it doesn't hold all that many different …

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  • Gator Cases G-BUS-8

    Gator Cases G-BUS-8 - ricoute's review


    for over half a year, I bought another one for my second pb no, gator is a serious brand and good reviews, I did not look for something else, the lab are woodoo PSU can be even better but the price too! no feature I do not like 8 9v jack and…

  • Gator Cases GR-3S

    Gator Cases GR-3S - " :("


    My first rack for putting a kemper. after 2 hours of testing, Kemper is in: the screws hold thanks to a metal rod that is pre-drilled and glued on the gator ... except that: 1) glue covers the pre-drilled holes 2) the glue that holds much "pos…

  • Gator Cases GC-ELECTRIC-A - Electric Guitar Case

    Gator Cases GC-ELECTRIC-A - Electric Guitar Case - " Solid ... a ramp near"


    21/07/2014 It serves only to store my Telecaster in the home studio, and protect my self in those rare times when it can get (no concerts, this is, strictly speaking, to make me with her to a friend or other). The Telecaster is very well maintain…

  • Gator Cases GC-BASS - Bass Guitar Case

    Gator Cases GC-BASS - Bass Guitar Case - " Excellent!"


    I recently, but it is perfectly suited for a Musicman Stingray and a Fender Jazz Bass (5 String American luxury) that are perfectly maintained inside, also suitable for a Fender Precision, but it is not as wide may move slightly inside. I use it ma…

  • Gator Cases GK-2110

    Gator Cases GK-2110 - " Practical and sturdy"


    I was looking for a way to carry my pedals Digitech PMC10 safe. I found this bag which has the ideal size both in width and thickness. As for the remaining space available in the depth, it just allows me to stall one or two expression pedals and …

  • Gator Cases G-Tour X32

    Gator Cases G-Tour X32 - " very good fly box!!"


    I use my fly box gator for my X32 for a year and it has not changed since then; it is very functional but mostly it has everything to its low price: foam backing, back top, reinforced at the corners and side, wheels ..... …