Gator Cases GK-288
Gator Cases GK-288

GK-288, Keyboard Case from Gator Cases.

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tradcab 05/09/2017

Gator Cases GK-288 : tradcab's user review

"Gator piano case , nearly the best."

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Value For Money : Correct Audience: Advanced Users
Use this for a very heavy RD700 NX. Takes the knocks of road use but although I am reasonably happy with it there are some slight irritations . The case can flex a little when closing and the catches need to be just right to line up. Not a major problem but annoying. My SKB case does not behave this way. The good part is the cost compared to the SKB ,which is a bit like Nord Pianos, good but over priced.
Getting back to the Gator, it has lasted me 2 years, about 200 gigs worth, still intact and doing its job . Easier to handle than a purpose built flight case which is almost impossible to lift with the Rd inside.