Ableton Live 9 Suite
Ableton Live 9 Suite

Live 9 Suite, General Sequencer from Ableton in the Live 9 series.

cuboid 09/15/2014

Ableton Live 9 Suite : cuboid's user review

« Amazing, Versatile, Beautiful »

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Ableton 9 is an extremely beautiful, unique, and versatile piece of music software.
I have been producing music for over 5 years and have used many digital audio workstations, but none of them even compare with Ableton.
It is compatible with just about all operating systems, very easy to install, and it comes with some great examples to help teach new users the basics of the software.

One of the main reasons I believe Ableton is superior to other music software out there is the layout. The layout of Ableton is so straightforward and easy to understand. The minimalistic layout allows for a much better and faster workflow. Not to mention, it's more organized and easy to look at.


This version of Ableton is pretty much flawless. When you purchase Ableton you are given a lifetime of free updates so there are very little to no bugs.
I only know of one bug regarding pitch enveloping clips, but it is a very minor issue and easy to work around. It should be fixed very soon in one of the updates.
The software is reliable and you won't need to worry about random crashes.

I have been using this version of Ableton for around 9 months, and have had little to no problems or crashes.
The only times my software has crashed was due to a faulty VST plugin I own, not the software itself.


Over all, Ableton is absolutely wonderful. I love it.
I have never used any piece of software that is this well made and functional.
Ableton absolutely crushes it's competition when it comes to organization and user-interface.
There are so many hot keys and small tricks that no other software has, but Ableton does.
For example, Ableton's audio warping features are absolutely flawless, resampling and cutting audio clips has never been easier.
Ableton also has incredible MIDI processing effects, such as Chords, Scales, Arpeggiators, etc.
You can really unleash your creativity by cheating music theory with the Scales effect, not many people know about this!

And last but not least, the absolute BEST thing about purchasing Ableton, is the amount of free sounds and packs that you receive with it! When I purchased Ableton, I received over 25 massive packs of sound and real instruments. That alone was worth the money in my opinion. All of the packs that come with ableton are excellent quality, and sound gorgeous.

Ableton 9 is pretty much the best piece of software I have ever used, hands down. Their customer support is excellent too, if you ever have questions regarding the software you can contact them at their help section:

But BEFORE you decide to purchase, DO RESEARCH. Not everybody works the same, it's all about personal preference. If you're not sure about it, download the trial version of Ableton and some other music software, and just try them out to see which one you like best.