Waldorf NW1
Waldorf NW1

NW1, Generator module for modular synthesizer from Waldorf.

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Waldorf NW1 news

  • [NAMM] [VIDEO] Waldorf KB37
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    [NAMM] [VIDEO] Waldorf KB37


    A live presentation of the new Waldorf KB37 Eurorack-compatible controller and assorted modules.

  • Waldorf's NW1 wavetable generator available
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    Waldorf's NW1 wavetable generator available


    Waldorf has released its NW1 wavetable generator, which marks the brand's debut with the Eurorack format.

  • [NAMM][VIDEO] Waldorf NW1
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    [NAMM][VIDEO] Waldorf NW1


    We met Frederic at the Warldorf booth at NAMM for a presentation of the new NW1 Eurorack wavetable generator.

  • [NAMM] More info about the Waldorf NW1
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    [NAMM] More info about the Waldorf NW1


    We announced it yesterday, Waldorf debuts in the modular Eurorack world with the NW1 wavetable generator.

  • [NAMM] 4 new Waldorf products
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    [NAMM] 4 new Waldorf products


    Waldorf posted a video to announce the four new products that will be introduced at NAMM. It includes a Eurorack module.