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Thread Drumkit from Hell - Samplers - Best way to work with drum samples?

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1 Drumkit from Hell - Samplers - Best way to work with drum samples?
Greetings All,

I wanted to know the various methodolgies for working with drum samples. I bought "drumkit from hell". It comes with samples and loops. What I would like to do it to build drum parts with the sampled drum wav files via midi, and have the sampler play them and record the audio as "regular audio" back into my recorder. The main benefit being the ability to modify tempos in midi, and not have to worry about time stretching loops. (although I would like to hear best practice for that as well)

I have a Korg Trinity sound module, and a basic Roland Keyboard. I am able to play form the keyboard into my Digi 001 software, and record midi. The midi notes from the 001 triggers the Trinity, and I take stereo out of the Trinity into a pre and back into PT. So I would like to somehow "load" all the wav files from Drumkit from Hell into a sampler (hardware or software?), and basically do the same thing. Or perhaps there are other ways to handle this?

In sum, can you offer some ideas on how I can work with the Drumkit from Hell sampled drum wav files? What are my options? Best practices? Suggested hardware or software?

Thanks for any ideas or suggestions! :D

-King Bugsy

ps. Running on a MAC G4 500 mghz, OS 9.x. Digi 001