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Thread COMPLETE N00B! Installed Edirol PCR-80, connected, what do i do now?

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1 COMPLETE N00B! Installed Edirol PCR-80, connected, what do i do now?
Hi there!

After a little searching in google trying to finda solution for my problem, i came across this little gem ofa website.. It seems you all know your stuff here, so this is where i'll stay and unleash my problems throughout! :D

OK, problem then. I've been given lots and lots of free Edirol stuff from someone who used to work for them. It's all ex-demo, but most was still unused and/or still wrapped in it's sellophane.. Anyway, the looks of this brand new Edirol PCR-80 made me curious, so i opened it up and installed it.

Now, the manual is basically a load of crap. To me, at least. Mainly because the instructions on how to work the keyboard just assume you have some sort of background to using recording equipment or something. I've never ever ever done ANY home recording before i got this Edirol/Roland ED stuff, so making use of MIDI is my main flaw. I have absolutely no idea how to work it! I got Sonar 5 Producer Edition with all this kit i was given, and have managed to work out the simplest functions of this program to record me singing with a microphone and playing my guitar. To get these to work, i use an Edirol UA-20 24-bit Audio Capture thing.

The Edirol PCR-80 is confusing. I've installed it, and it's connected with the USB cable (as i don't have any MIDI cables, and even if i did, the keyboard only came with a Euro plug/adaptor and i'm in the UK..). So, i open up Sonar 5, try to select the input for either 'Audio' recording, or 'MIDI' recording, and neither give me an option (or show the keyboard) on the list of devices to use.

I'm no newbie to computers, i've used one every day of my life since i was 12 (now 16), but making this work really has over-ridden my computing skills! Sonar has SO MANY BUTTONS! Like i said before, i can only work out how to 'arm' the microphone or guitar input, and record them, so far..

Any tips and/or advice on how to set up and use my PCR-80 would be greatly greatly appreciated! I'm wanting to do a sort of solo project, but just vox and guitar isn't enough to make good music! I want to be able to use synthesised drums, synthesised bass and other various effects using this keyboard to control them, but actually getting it to work is my priority at the moment!

Thanks in advance for any help on this, you really would be my saviour!


P.s i'm using Windows XP Professional, 2.2ghz Pentium 4, 256mb DDR2700 RAM, motherboard's onboard soundcard (simple output/inputs), 2 front + 2 rear USB 1.1 ports, Edirol MA-10A monitors.. If you need any more info to solve the problem, please ask! ;)