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Thread Maudio devices not recognized

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1 Maudio devices not recognized
Hey everyone, new to the forums. Im having a problem with my maudio midi equiptment. I just got a trigger finger and have owned a keystation 49e for somtime now. I recently upgraded my computer (mother board processor what have you) and now neither device is reconized in my sound bank manager or fruity loops. The tf requires drivers which i installed but it was never recongnized anyway, the keystation on the other hand is suposed to be automatically recognized but thats not happening anymore, it was before.

Im quite confused as whats going on when I go into the midi settings in fruityloops the controller types are: peavey, tascam, edirol, hercules and korg but neither maudio device is in the drop down.
Any help on getting these reconized would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance,

I recently installed an oxygen 61. A novel could be written about the problems I had getting fruityloops to recognise it. Not that the problem is necessarily the same as yours, but basically

1) there should be a "generic" option in that drop-down list for controllers. I have my oxygen set for that.

2) On installing the controller, two drivers were required...one from M-audio, and another from Microsoft to enable the thing to be recognised properly by the operating system
Hey, Im trying to find on the windows site where i can get the windows driver. You wouldn't happen to have it bookmarked or some such would you?