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Thread I need HELP~ I HAVE REASON 3.0 i need help

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Topic I need HELP~ I HAVE REASON 3.0 i need help
:mad: Ok so i go to guitar center and i speak with the sales man there and i ask him whats the best thing to start on music production. He insists on REASON 3.0 so i purchase it along with a M-Audio axiom middi keyboard controller. OK so i dont know how to use either or. I Need help i have installed both and Reason im sorry it looks like calculus to me and i can't get any kind of feedback from the contoller(keyboard) to the pc. What am i doing wrong? Who can help me? I need some help to get started.

J. aka:Sinatra
Can you be more specific? what stage ae you at? what have you tried?
Does it have the name of your midi device at the top in the green bit? (as opposed to reading "No MIDI Input")
Have you inserted a synth on your rack? (right click and select "subtractor")
Give more information.
Dear Sinatra112,

I don't know if you still look for help, but:

Go to prefrences: MIDI. Here you can select from wich source the midi should be coming in.

Go to a track you want to play. If you click right in front of the track name, a weird round symbol apears. This means that you can control this track through midi. Now try to play. You probable get some sound now, but with a lot of latency. Go to preferences again: audio. Turn down the amount of samples untill you are around 30 ms delay (it alo depends on your system, if it's not fast enough, you might have to play with a slight delay of more than 30 ms). On my system I got it on 42 ms. Now you will probably have sound without too much of a delay.

If you still have problems I advice you to read the manual. Reason has a really cool and easy to read manual. Start of with focussing on a machine you would like to learn. I advice people to start of with learning how the malstrom works. Read the manual about it and try and learn as much of this machine as you can. It's very easy to get sound out of it. It's just harder to understand it completely. But once you understand it, you can make the must amazing mind blowing sounds! Try and make your own sounds to create your own unique flavour in everything you start composing.

Good luck! And....Have fun!

Greetings RacoonReason
hello! this thread topic seemed perfect for the question i had!

1st off, i have reason 3.0, everything is install and works perfect. EXCEPT! :mad: that when i use the Redrum instrument, im getting no real-time sound. when i load the sound, and click the play button, i hear the beat, but when i use my keyboard, i see the green keys moving (bottom left) but i hear no sound. in the actual redrum instrumentt itself, when i press the keys on my keyboard, it lights up the drum mute and drum solo keys....why doesnt it play the beat?
ps im using a pckeyboard/MIDI keyboard, "creative prodikeys"
somebody please help!!
thanks for reading and your time!
i appreciate it
take care!!!
have any of you actually used the little file that comes bundled with the software called "help"?
all of this information is located in the help file. it really does what it says....help you.
can somebody reply? plzzz?
your not playing on the correct octave of your keyboard. move it down an octave or two.
---help file---
hey all ... umm ... sinatra I am in the same boat, almost exactly the same boat. In the past I have only used an external sequencer and this whole midi controller/reason configuration is flabbergasting me. raccoon reason please keep up the good work in responding and I will be as specific as I can for you, insightful.

So, all drivers installed, reason in full working order.

I go to preferences surface controllers and enter the axiom ... which is unfortunitaly not listed specifically in 3.0. So, I call it an M-audio other midi keyboard with controls.

I set the latency as specified above.

I change the midi input device in bus A from no device to the only available option MPU-401 in both the advanced midi section of the preferences menu and on the rack ... the green section at the very top of the stack.

I add a synth track to my little song and select it .... (it has a little keyboard icon and a little round record looking icon) ... I hit the keyboard and nothing happens ...

lets start there