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Thread Should I Be Using a Pre-AMP?

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1 Should I Be Using a Pre-AMP?
I have a Yamaha Keyboard that sounds OKAY...
has a lot of sounds on it, some really good, some
just OKAY, it ran me $149.00

I want to use it for recording, but it has a lot of
noise, a lot of "Hiss" when i plug it directly into
my recorder...

Do you think going: Keyboard thru a >> Pre-Amp >> THEN going into my
recorder will make a difference? right now i'm going direct into
the recorder, vocals are fine, instruments aren't...

(FYI: i'm working off of a Yamaha AW4416 Digital Recorder.)
no. a pre-amp (depending on which model you get) will add character and amplify your signal, including that noise. you first need to isolate where that "hiss" is coming from. could it be a cable?
You say when you plug it into your "recorder". What exactly do you have and where exactly are you plugging your keyboard? Sounds like it might be an impedence mismatch to me..
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