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Thread Mini Studio

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1 Mini Studio
So im starting a new studio
this is all the equipment ive got so far:

Mic: Behringer B1 Condenser
Mixer: Behringer UB1002FX
all the normal cables to connect 2 a pc
and adobe audition but im gonna start using cubase sx3

ive got 2 problems
fist 1 is i need 2 know the easiest but effective way to connect this stuff 2 the pc
and 2nd is i need 2 find out how 2 start recording on cubase

thank you please :)
:)Hey Youngace,
I think Adobe Audition used to be called Sound Forge. If this is the case it's a really good and simple piece of kit for recording. You can cut and loop your recordings with it, and then mix in Cubase. There's an option available in Sound Forge's preferences, Acid loop creation tools. You can set 4 4 divisions with these, that come up over your selected audio, so you can drop with the attacks. I haven't used Cubase much, but if you right click on the mixing area you can add audio tracks. You can mix these and then add effects through the mixer in devices, I think. I use Sound Forge myself for cutting, but I use Fruity Loops for mixing. Fruity might be good for you with it's loop based format.
Take care,