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Thread Second time newbie looking for suggestions

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1 Second time newbie looking for suggestions
I’ve been away from recording (at least on the recording side of things) for about 15 years. I have done a lot of self-recording – everything from voice and guitar to full band including horn overdubs on 4-track analog recorders. I always meant to do more, but unfortunately, my day job started taking a lot of my time, then I got married and had kids…and you know the story.

Anyway, I’m here because I want to get back into recording (digital this time), and would like to hear recommendations on recording equipment and the best way to get my home studio up and running.

I’ve spent some time on the “other side of the glass” over the years, and because I rarely charge for sessions, I’ve picked up some random equipment as trade for my services (I’ll spare you the long stories that go with this, and "no", I won't do your session for free ). My current equipment list (recording related at least) is below.

Alesis RA100 amp and a pair of monitor 1’s
Lexicon MPX 100 (effects)
Behringer Ultrapatch 2000 (patch bay)
Behringer DSP 1400P Ultramizer (limiter / compressor)
Mackie 1202 mixer
BOSS GT-8 guitar effects
Assorted Shure SM57, SM58, and Beta 58’s

The obvious piece of equipment I need is a multi-track recorder. I’ve been looking at the Boss BR1200 and BR900, as they have some vocal processing built in*(see below), but I’m not convinced that it’s the best solution for my situation. I am fairly positive I would like to use a stand alone recorder rather than a computer based solution, as I would like the ability to record acoustic instruments and vocals in alternate locations.

I would love to hear suggestions on multitrack recorders, as well as other “must-buy” equipment I should be looking at. I know I will want at least one higher quality vocal mic, but I think I can get by without one for a while My budget is probably $1500 max to get started, but I know I’ll spend more over time.

I am curious to hear your opinions on what I should be looking at buying (or what, of my current equipment, I should be selling!). The stuff I'll record will be primarily rock / pop stuff with me laying down most or all of the tracks (which pretty much makes virtual tracks a must )

*I know the effects are a bit cheesy, but I loathe editing my own vocal tracks, and hate editing my own harmonies even more – I’m not going to try to release anything either – this is just for fun and for getting ideas down and worked out
I know you said you weren't really wanting to do computer recording, but for $1500 you could easily get a nice setup on computer. Even if you don't have a computer you could purchase a decent laptop (you mentioned wanting to record at different places) for less than a thousand and an then an audio interface for about 2-3 hundred. I'm currenlty using the Lexicon Omega on my home PC and love it. I to was debating between the computer based or one of the boss stand alone systems. I really think I made the right choice as this is easier than I expected and it leaves me room to upgrade-which is hard to do with a stand alone. The best part is editing is a breeze on the computer and I am by no means computer savy. Good luck and have fun.