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Thread HELP w/ Gear

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Topic HELP w/ Gear
I'm new to this board and just want to start my first post by saying Thanks! What a great resource to have and use and thank you to everyone who keeps it going.

OK, so my question is this: How do I get the best possible recording quality with the equipment I already have and also, of the millions of recording products out there, what are some of the things I should think about buying first to get this better quality I'm looking for?

I have a Yamaha AW16G 16 track digital recorder w/ built in effects and mixer. It has 8 ins for 8 simultaneous recording tracks (2 XLR and 6 1/4") Also I have an MXL 990 condenser mic, it was 50 bucks on musicians friend.
I'm recording and playing everything live, by myself, one thing at a time. I'm micing my acoustic guitars between the sound hole and the end of the neck, my electric guitar goes into my amp and the amp into the recorder, the bass goes straight in and for drums I'm using the one mic I have as an overhead. Everything else (percussion, vocals, etc.) I'm micing and recording live as well.

I understand there is a lot that can be done to improve the quality of my recordings. I could buy more and better mics, better amps and instruments, signal processors, mixers, etc. and so on but WHAT DO I BUY FIRST?! What, at this point, will make the biggest difference in sound quality? There is so much out there and for someone like myself who is on a limited budget its not feasible to buy everything at once.

The AW16G has some internal effects that seem pretty decent, I add just a bit of reverb to almost everything and a little more for vocals. Once I'm done recording everything, I wait about a day, mix everything down then burn it and I'm done.

I'm doing everything from very simple acoustic guitar songs w/ vocals, to tracks with lots of percussion and drums overlayed with spacey guitar rhythms and leads.

That's about as much as I can think of as far as what I have and what I'm doing. Thanks for reading and helping me out!