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Thread Effects on VST instruments in Cubase

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1 Effects on VST instruments in Cubase
I have Cubase SX 1.02, and several VST synths and virtual instruments (drums etc). I dont know how to add effects to the sounds they produce. The midi effects in Cubase do not include reverb for instance, and the audio effects (which include reverb) cannot be used for midi. How can I add reverb (or other effetcts) to my virtual instrument in Cubase?

Try recording the midi tracks as audio, then adding audio effects.
The Axeman (##(===> Cuts From My New Blues CD
How do I do that in Cubase SX?
Honestly Alcedo, I'm not sure in Cubase. I'm a Cakewalk user.

I know it can be done, though. 8)

Anybody else wanna chime in on how to do this? ;)
The Axeman (##(===> Cuts From My New Blues CD
If you are using a VST instrument this is how you do it. Mute all the tracks except your VST track you wish to use effects on. Now go to export (file menu) tracks and you'll be able to export just that track to and audio file. Now go to import audio file (also file menu) and select the VST track you just saved. Now you can add effects. If you are using Regular MIDI (not a VST instrument), you need to route the midi track to an audio input on your interface and record it as an audio track. There may be some kind of plug in that would do this for you but I'm not aware of any.
Open your project in cubase, than open track mixer. Than you find the Extended/Normal mixer icon and make the mixer extanded. Than click on the show all inserts icon. Now in the track that you want to use effects click on the "power" button and select below wher is writen "no efflec" an effect. But if you want to use wav effect you must convert the file.

I suggest you to buy PCAudiolabs Cubase SX Manual and Tutoria. Or get it somwhere else ;) :rolleyes: It is a video manual about cubase sx. :)