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Thread Basics for recording and MD-CD

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1 Basics for recording and MD-CD
I posted on the soundcards branch, but I think I'll post here at newbies where I belong. Sorry for the double posting.

I own an Athlon 64 laptop running Windows XP. I would like to do two things with this. Firstly, compose and record, not necessarily a lot of simultaneous tracking for now. I am intrigued by the all-in-one possibilities of the Novation Remote 25. Does this make any sense? The other important task for me is to transfer MDs to CD. What do I need for this? Will a simple audio interface do for this? For example M-Audio Transit?

Thanks for any thoughts you may have on this.
Thanks for the response, Mikey. My MD unit didn't come with any software, but that's not really the problem. The thing is the quality of the soundcard that's in my computer -- as usual with the stock card, it's not great.

The greater concern, though, is the composition/recording setup.

Thanks for the reply.
Froe what you want, a USB or Firewire interface is probably the ticket, along with Cubase or Cakewalk Home Studio software.

You didn't say what sort of instruments you're recording with, but in general you'll want something with a couple of mic preamps (unless you already have a mixer), line ins and outs, and a midi port. Something like the Edirol UA-25 or MAudio's FireWire Audiophile Computer Recording Interface.

Unless you MD has a digital out of some sort, your best bet would be just to record the audio in realtime through whatever audio interface you choose.
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